Emergency Room


Ultrasound Frontline ER attends to all kinds of emergencies that would require Ultrasounds; in order to have an accurate picture of the problem and quickly give a proper diagnosis. Sonography can be used in the following main areas; Pelvic  Examinations It is very common, especially among pregnant women.  Emergency rooms receive so many cases of Read More


Emergency Room: Go For Pneumonia Pneumonia is amongst the leading infectious causes of death in the United States; with about 50,000 people dying every year. Front Line ER has compiled this article to give you information on what you need to know about Pneumonia and when to see a doctor to avoid further complications that Read More

Treatment for Heart Attacks

Emergency Room: Go for Treatment for Heart Attacks If you feel that you or someone very close to you needs to receive emergency heart treatment, it will be best to be informed on when to visit the emergency room, and what to expect on arrival. It is also very important to know how you should Read More

Complex Lacerations

Emergency Room: Go for Complex Lacerations A laceration is a deep cut or tears in the skin or flesh. Any injury caused by a sharp or blunt object on any part of the body can cause a laceration. A severe laceration is dangerous because it can extend through the full thickness of a person’s skin Read More