10 Reasons to Use an Emergency Room for Orthopedics

10 Reasons to Use an Emergency Room for Orthopedics

Orthopedics basically refers to the musculoskeletal system which includes the bones, ligaments, joints and the likes. These play an important role in our bodies, especially when it comes to support and locomotion and that is why issues with any of them are usually so keenly felt. There are a number of scenarios that may lead to us suffering orthopedic injuries from motor vehicle accidents, accidents and knocks when playing sports, falls and many others. When we suffer serious orthopedic injuries, it is necessary to seek immediate medical attention so as to prevent any further damage or even situations where you end up losing functionality of a body part or limb. In such situations it is advisable you head over to an emergency room and there are a number of reasons behind this, with this article looking to highlight 10 of these reasons.

  1. Emergency rooms have got the facilities and expertise to carry out extensive primary assessment which is important in orthopedic injuries as these tests govern how treatment will proceed. They include tests to assess aspects such as airway breathing, circulation, any disabilities as well as other tests such as those that check for pelvic stability and many others. Emergency rooms have got the capacity to effectively carry out all these tests as soon as possible.
  2. Emergency rooms, such as the excellent frontlineer.com, are also well stocked  with all the necessary imaging and radiology equipment that are the backbone of diagnosis of orthopedic injuries. These include x-rays, MRIs, CT scans as well as ultrasounds which ensure that physicians are able to get the whole picture as far as your injuries are concerned, their extent and whether or not there are any internal injuries. You won’t find all these machines in the other facilities such as over at an urgent care clinic.
  3. Another reason to use an emergency room for orthopedics is due to the fact that emergency rooms have got highly skilled emergency physicians who have the knowledge and expertise as well as the experience to handle all sorts of orthopedic injuries including the more complex ones. This is why an emergency room is the only facility that attends to all sorts of orthopedic injuries with the other ones only handling the minor cases.
  4. Yet another reason to use an emergency room for orthopedics is due to the fact that emergency rooms have got all the requisite protocols in place when it comes to pain management, as is the case over at frontlineer.com. Orthopedic issues are usually accompanied by severe pain, especially severe cases, and as such the fact that emergency rooms have the expertise in terms of knowledgeable staff as well as the equipment to administer whatever pain relief may be required is another reason why you should use them for such situations.
  5. Emergency rooms also have the facilities and staff in place in case a situation requires surgery, something that can’t be said for urgent care clinics. Complex fractures, severe cases of torn ligaments, cases with internal injuries and bleeding among others may require surgery and that is why they such cases are only treated in emergency rooms.
  6. Another reason to use an emergency room for orthopedics is due to the fact that emergency rooms usually work in partnership with specialist centers such as orthopedic centers and even local hospitals. This, as is covered in detail over at the excellent frontlineer.com, means that that if you need to be referred to any of these centers then an emergency room will help you with this.
  7. By going to the emergency room you also gain access to specialists, yet another reason to use them for orthopedics. Other than the highly skilled emergency physicians that you will find there and who will attend to you, emergency rooms also have specialists that are in place to offer any specialist treatment that may be required. Orthopedic cases that involve injuries to the head, those that may have affected the heart or lungs among others may require specialist treatment which is why you should use them for orthopedics.
  8. Yet another reason to make use of an emergency room as far as orthopedics are concerned is because emergency rooms have got inpatient facilities or facilities for admission if required, as is the case over at frontlineer.com. This means that if your situation is severe, then you will be taken care of and monitored closely until you are stable and can therefore be discharged.
  9. The staff and physicians over at an emergency room are also well trained to be able to handle and attend to all patients including old folks, children and infants as well as pregnant women and folks with disabilities. Other facilities may not have the capabilities to handle all these demographics which is why you should look to use an emergency room.
  10. Orthopedic injuries can occur at any time without warning and the fact that emergency rooms remain open 24/7 means that you can receive treatment at any time of day or night as well as during holidays and weekends.

If you are looking for reasons to sue an emergency room for orthopedics, then you have 10 of them, with the excellent frontlineer.com being one of the best places out there to visit for such services.


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