10 Reasons to go to the emergency room for acute pain

Any acute, unexplained pain in your body, should prompt you to visit the nearest emergency room. Be it abdominal pain, cramping, body aches to localized pain, you should always let your physician know that you are experiencing some form of pain in your body.

Pain is the first indicator that something is amiss somewhere. There is nothing normal about pain- it is your body’s way of sending a signal to you that something is wrong. Although some of these pains are pretty harmless, most of the acute pains that most people experience, are indicative of serious infections and medical conditions which require immediate medical care.

If you are experiencing unexplained pain in your body therefore, here are 10 reasons to go to the emergency room for acute pain as soon as possible;

10 Reasons to go to the emergency room for acute pain

The pain could be indicative of a kidney infection

If you are experiencing acute pain in the abdominal region, then you should report the same to the nearest emergency room as this could be indicative of an infection to the kidneys. Sepsis and kidney stones are some of the reasons why people experience acute pain and these are serious complications that require immediate medical care.

You could be suffering from appendicitis

Yes, the other cause of acute pain especially in the lower abdominal region, is an infection to the appendix known as appendicitis. If you don’t report the acute pain on time to the nearest emergency room, you risk losing your appendix or getting a worse complication.

Could be a heart condition

Yes, acute pain accompanied by muscle spasms in the thoracic region are indicative of heart problems. It goes without saying that heart problems need immediate addressing lest you risk losing your life.

Acute pain could be as a result of internal damage to an organ

Any damage to a vital internal organ will yield in very searing pain. Injuries to the colon, liver, kidney, appendix or even the pancreas, will result in very acute abdominal pain. You should therefore report any acute pain to the nearest emergency for proper scanning and diagnosis.

Report for proper diagnosis

As we have seen from the examples of diseases characterized by acute pain, it is difficult to differentiate between pain caused by appendicitis and pain resulting from a kidney infection. The best way to find out what is really bothering you, is to go to the emergency room for proper examination and get the treatment you need.

OTC medication will only suppress the pain and won’t heal the complication

Yes, you might be tempted to take some painkillers to try and suppress your acute pain, but you won’t have addressed the real condition behind the pain. Once the effects of the painkillers are over, you will continue experiencing the pain until the complication behind the pain is addressed.

Acute pains will affect your performance

It’s obvious that acute pain will affect your daily performance. Be it in school or at your workplace, you will not quite be the same person with some pain bothering you. The wisest thing to do therefore, is to visit the nearest emergency room, get the pain checked out and get the proper medication.

Better be safe than sorry

There is no point in trying to act tough and try to see out pain. Always be safe or you will regret the decision of not reporting the pain on time. The condition behind the pain will only worsen with time and if not addressed, will escalate to dangerous levels and will even cause death.

Help is just a stone throw away

What’s the point of suffering in silence when you can get your problem sorted out at the nearest emergency room? Simply report your acute pain to the nearest emergency room and let the physicians ease the pain bothering you.

Emergency rooms are not as expensive as they have made you believe

Contrary to popular opinion, emergency room care is not expensive. The cost of services offered here is competitive and affordable for most people. It is also important to note that emergency rooms accept most medical insurances.

Report your pain to Frontline Emergency Room today

If the pain you are experiencing is very severe and is experienced in and around the abdominal area, then you need to report the same to the nearest emergency room. Very severe pain might be indicative of damage or injury to a vital internal organ and only proper diagnosis can confirm that.

If you are in and around Richmond Texas and are experiencing severe body pains and aches, head over to Frontline emergency Room for the best quality diagnosis and treatment. It’s better to be safe than sorry, report any sudden severe pain to the nearest emergency room and get the appropriate medical attention.


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