When to Go to an ER for: Neck Injury

When to Go to an ER for: Neck Injury

Every day we go about our daily routines and activities, we are always under the threat of suffering an accident. Accidents can occur at any time and place; whether we are at home, in the garden or backyard, at work, when traveling in our cars or bikes, when playing sports or exercising among others. All these can lead to one suffering from neck injuries as will wear and tear of the neck muscles as well as overuse. Neck pain due to injury is something one is likely to experience at one time or the other. However, in most cases, it is usually not that serious and can be dealt with at home through resting and icing as well as with the help of over-the-counter pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs. However, there are instances where the neck injury should be treated as a medical emergency and should be attended to over at an ER, with FrontlineER.com being the best one around to visit. Given the sensitivity of the neck which is due to the fact that an injury to the neck may mean an injury to the spine, it is important to know which situations can be handled at home with home remedies and which ones need immediate emergency care over at the ER. To help with that, this article will look to highlight the instances when one should go to an ER for a neck injury.

One of the instances that should always lead to a visit to an ER as far as neck injuries are concerned is if the neck injury was due to a whiplash action, which mostly occurs during car accidents. This, as per the experts over at FrontlineER.com, should always be taken seriously as it could include an injury to the spine. If, after the accident that caused the whiplash you start to experience tremendous pain as well as a decreased range of motion of your neck, then you should ensure you head over to an ER as soon as possible. The same applies if you develop a tightness in your neck after the accident and the muscles in your neck begin to feel hard or as if they are knotted. Other red flags to look out for as far as whiplash and car accidents go is if you start to experience pain when you try to rock your head back and forth or from side to side, this too should be assessed at an ER. If you start to experience tenderness after the whiplash accident or if you get a headache that starts at the base of your skull and radiates towards your forehead, then a visit to an ER should come right after. Remember, if you suffer a neck injury in a car accident, mostly due to whiplash, call 911, don’t drive yourself, so that you can be taken to an ER and be attended to.

Apart from whiplash, if the neck injury is due to any other traumatic injury such as a high fall or a diving accident, then you should also ensure you head over to an ER as soon as possible to be attended to, with the excellent FrontlineER.com being the best option out there. Such traumatic injuries can lead to a spinal fracture or what is referred to as a broken neck or you could suffer from a herniated disc which is also known as a ruptured disc. The same injuries can be caused by a sporting-related accident or a violent action such as if you are in a fight. Bottom line is, if you start to experience severe pain localized in your neck after a traumatic accident, then you should head over to an ER as soon as possible. If you also start to experience numbness or weakness that radiates to your arm, shoulders or hand after a neck injury, then you should also ensure you head over to an ER as soon as possible to be evaluated. The same applies if you suffer a neck injury and then start to have trouble walking afterwards. This is a clear sign that there is a more serious underlying problem that needs to be evaluated immediately and as such you should head over to an ER as soon as possible.

If you suffer a neck injury and you immediately lose bowel and/or bladder function, then, as is explained by the subject matter experts over at FrontlineER.com, you should also ensure you head over to an ER as soon as you can. Bladder and bowel incontinence is a classic sign of an injury to the spine and as such should be taken very seriously. Another red flag involving a neck injury that should be taken seriously as well is if you suffer one and begin to experience saddle anesthesia. Saddle anesthesia is basically the loss of sensation in the groin, anal area, buttocks and inner thighs. If this happens, then you should go to an ER as soon as possible. If you also lose the ability to or begin to have difficulties controlling your hands for fine motor control such as pressing buttons or putting on and taking off jewelry, then you should also head over to an ER as soon as you can.

The above are some of the instances where a neck injury should lead to an immediate visit to an ER, with FrontlineER.com being the best choice of them all out there.


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