When to Go to an ER for: Car Accident Injuries

When to Go to an ER for: Car Accident Injuries

There can be no denying the fact that motor vehicles have made travelling more convenient and have enabled us to save valuable time when looking to get from one point to the next. Despite the many benefits that have come about due to motor vehicles, car accidents are one thing that is associated with them that is not so pleasant. In fact, the numbers show that car accidents are one of the leading cause of physical injury as well as death in the U.S, and it is safe to assume that this holds true for other parts of the world as well. When you go to any ER, especially during the weekends, with FrontlineER.com being the best one around, you are likely to observe that majority of the ER visits, and especially the most gruesome ones, are due to car accidents. The car manufacturing industry has looked to tackle this issue head on, with the improvement of vehicle safety being the key focus as far as recent motor vehicle releases go. However, no matter how safe a car is, the human element associated with driving means that there will most likely be an accident around the corner; from reckless driving, drunk driving, you name it. It is therefore important to know when one should head over to an ER after a car accident so as one can be attended to as soon as possible and possibly avoid any permanent damage and this is what this article will look to assist with.

One of the scenarios that should lead to you calling 911 and being taken to an ER as soon as possible after a car accident is if you have suffered large open wounds. This are usually accompanied by heavy bleeding and such should be taken seriously since, as per the gurus over at FrontlineER.com, excessive blood loss is a life-threatening situation. If the cut is also very deep that it exposes underlying tissue including bone, then you need to get to an ER as soon as possible to have it attended to so that to prevent any cases of infection from ensuing. The location of the open wounds and gashes should also be taken into account. If for instance you suffer a gash in the face or head or even in the genital area, then heading over to an ER should be the next thing you do. If after a car accident you suffer heavy swelling as well as severe pain, then you should also head over to an ER for assessment as this may indicate some internal injury that needs to be diagnosed and attended to as soon as possible.

Another sign after a car accident that you need to call 911 and be taken to an ER as soon as possible, with the best place to go to being over at FrontlineER.com, is if you start to experience neck pain afterwards. This usually occurs if, due to the impact, you suffered a whiplash injury, and may lead to an injury to the spine that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. So, if after a car accident you start experiencing neck pain or even a stiff neck, you should ensure you head over to an ER as soon as you can. Apart from neck pain and stiffness, other red flags that may indicate damage to the spine after a car accident include numbness and a tingling sensation in an arm, leg or even shoulder or buttock. This, as one can imagine should be taken very seriously and should be attended to as soon as possible. Another instance when you should call 911 and be taken to an ER as soon as possible is if you start to experience back pain after a car accident. This may also indicate injury to the back and by extension the spine and should be taken seriously.

If you start to experience paralysis, either partially on a limb or two, or total body paralysis, then calling 911 if you can or having someone do it for you if you can’t and heading over to an ER is what you should do next, as is recommended by the experts over at FrontlineER.com. If you also suffer a sever knock to the head and are showing signs that you may have suffered a severe concussion or any other traumatic brain injury, then heading over to an ER should be next on your agenda. Another instance when you should go to an ER after a car accident is if you start to experience chest pain as well as difficulties breathing. This is usually indicative of a broken rib and should be taken seriously as broken ribs may puncture underlying organs such as the liver, spleen and others, a situation you would want to avoid. If you suffer severe fractures after a car accident, then heading over to an ER should come immediately after. This includes instances where there is obvious deformity or where bone is actually sticking out of the skin. Such severe bone breaks should be attended to immediately in an ER to prevent not only excessive blood loss but also to ensure one doesn’t lose functionality of the affected limb. Severe sprains and strains involving ligament rupture should also be attended to in an ER, especially since such instances most likely will involve surgery to mend.

It is important to note that for most instances of car accident injuries, you may have to call 911 as you may not be in a position to drive yourself. Calling 911 also allows you to be stabilized in the ambulance before reaching the ER, which is crucial for severe injuries. Also remember that FrontlineER.com is the best place to head over if you are in need of emergency care.


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