When to Go to an ER for: Blurred Vision

When to Go to an ER for: Blurred Vision

The importance of our eyes and vison means that if we experience symptoms that are affecting our vision, the first reaction is to panic. Just like for most conditions, there are instances when eye symptoms are emergencies requiring an immediate visit to an ER and there are others when it isn’t one and can be handled at home or at urgent care. one of these symptoms as far as the eye and vision is concerned, is blurred vision, and it is basically a situation when one can’t see fine or focused details both of objects that re near you or far from you. Blurred vision can be due to varying conditions, others more serious than others as well as being a condition that can occur suddenly or develop gradually over time. Given that it is associated with some very serious conditions, those that are potentially life-threatening, it is important to know which scenarios of blurred vision require one to visit an ER as soon as possible, with FrontlineER.com being the best place to visit, so that one can avoid any serious consequences. To help with that, this article will look to highlight some of the red flags to keep an eye out for and those instances that indicate that one needs to head over to an ER near them as soon as possible.

As a rule of thumb, and according to the subject matter experts over at FrontlineER.com, it is always recommended that one seek immediate emergency care by visiting an ER if you develop blurred vision that is sudden and is unexplained, even if it is just temporary. This is because, such cases of blurred vision usually indicate a more serious underlying condition and thus you should head over to an ER to be assessed as soon as possible. Having said that, blurred vision is usually caused by a number of reasons and as such the symptoms come in handy in identifying these reasons. For instance, you should ensure you head over to an ER as soon as possible if you are experiencing the blurred vision due to a chemical injury or burn in the affected eye. This happens when corrosive chemicals get into the eye and on top of the blurred vision, other symptoms include pain, redness, irritation, tearing swelling of the eyelids as well as an inability to keep the affected eye open. It is recommended that if you suffer a chemical injury or burn to the eye, you head over to an ER as soon as possible to be attended to so that further damage and even loss of sight is averted.

Another instance that should lead to a visit to an ER as soon as possible is if the blurred vision is due to severe blood pressure. This is a very serious condition that can be potentially life-threatening and as such a visit to an ER is warranted, with FrontlineER.com being the best place of them all to visit. In such a situation, apart from blurred vision, other signs to look out for include fatigue, confusion, an irregular heartbeat, pounding in your chest, ears or neck among many others. This, if left attended to may lead to organ damage and as such ensure that you seek immediate emergency care for blurred vision in such a situation. Apart from chemical injury or burn to the eye which is mentioned above, another instance when you should head over to an ER is if you start to develop blurred vision after an injury to the eye or the area surrounding the affected eye. This could indicate some underlying damage that needs to be assessed as soon as possible. Speaking of injury, if you start experiencing blurred vision after having suffered a head injury, and especially if you may have suffered a grade three concussion, then you should also head over to an ER as soon as possible. Blurred vision due to a traumatic brain injury should be taken seriously for obvious reasons.

If you develop blurred vision as well as other symptoms that indicate that you may be suffering from a stroke, then you should also head over to an ER as soon as possible. This includes symptoms such as speech difficulties, numbness or paralysis in your face, arm or leg that develops suddenly, dropping of one side of the mouth as well as eyelids, severe headache and so much more. it doesn’t need explaining that a stroke is a medical emergency and as such should be taken as seriously as possible. If you are experiencing very blurry vision as well as eye pain, the reddening of the white part of the affected eye, your pupils appear to be of different sizes, are seeing rainbows and halos around lights among other symptoms, then you should head over to an ER as soon as possible, something backed-up by the gurus over at FrontlineER.com. This is because this is a telltale sign that you are suffering from acute angle-closure glaucoma, a condition that if not attended to immediately, may lead to permanent loss of vision within hours. This condition occurs when fluid in the affected eye can’t drain the way it should and it is a very serious condition.

The above are some of the instances when blurred vision should lead to a visit to an ER, with FrontlineER.com being the best option there is out there.


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