When Should I Worry About a Rash?

When Should I Worry About a Rash?

The skin, being the outermost layer of our body is usually the first point of contact between our body and external factors which includes all sorts of organisms and substances. This means that skin rashes are pretty much to be expected at one time from another, either from a reaction from coming into contact with an abrasive material, poisonous material or even a reaction from having ingested something that doesn’t agree with you. With this in mind, it is clear that skin rashes are not always serious and that in most cases they can be treated at home with home remedies and over-the-counter medication. This is mostly true when for example you are dealing with a rash caused by coming into contact with known poisonous plants such as poison ivy and oak. It is important to note that skin rashes are most of the time interpreted differently for children as they are for adults, and understandably so. Most parents panic when their children develop a rash, sometimes with reason but other not so much. With rashes, it is usually difficult to tell when a rash is not that serious and when it is something to worry about. This article will look to help with that as it will look to help highlight the instances where rashes are involved where one should definitely worry and seek medical attention.

One of the red flags to look out for as far as rashes are concerned, one that should have one seeking medical attention is if the develop a rash as well as a high fever. This, as a rule of thumb should always be taken seriously and one should ensure that they head over and seek emergency medical attention as soon as they can. A fever is usually indicative that you have an infection, or it is due to an allergic reaction, either way you should ensure you seek medical attention so that you can know for sure. The subject matter experts over at frontlineer.com are also adamant that another situation that should have you worried as far as rashes are concerned is if you develop a rash that is painful. They recommend that if the rash that you have developed is quite painful, then you should have it looked at by a physician. Another instance where you definitely should be worried as far as a rash is concerned is if you develop a rash that covers the whole of your body. This should be taken very seriously as it is usually an indication that you may be suffering from a much more serious underlying problem such as an infection or an allergic reaction.

One should also be worried about a rash if they suddenly, out of nowhere, develop a rash that begins to spread rapidly. Sudden onset of a rash is usually a sign that it may be due to an allergic reaction and as such it should be treated as seriously as possible by heading over to see a medical physician for evaluation and treatment. Allergies causing sudden onset and rapidly spreading rashes are most of the allergies to medications which as one can imagine can become life-threatening very quickly and as such if you start to see these red flags, you should take them very seriously indeed. Another instance, as far as the subject matter experts over at frontlineer.com are concerned, where rashes should be taken seriously is in cases where infants are concerned. It shouldn’t matter how extensive or how painful they are, rashes in infants should always be taken quite seriously, and in such cases they should be taken to the nearest physician as soon as possible for evaluation. The fact that the immune system in infants is not yet fully developed is key behind taking rashes in infants as seriously as they are taken.

Another instance where rashes should also be taken seriously is in cases where the rashes are accompanied by dizziness, fainting or loss of consciousness. If one develops a rash and begins to experience dizzy spells or even loses consciousness all together, then they should be taken to see a physician as soon as possible to be evaluated for the same. The folks over at frontlineer.com are also adamant that rashes accompanied by sings of anaphylactic shock such as swelling of the lips and throat as well as difficulty breathing should also be cause enough to worry and in such cases one should seek immediate medical attention. This is a situation that is definitely life-threatening and should be attended to as soon as possible if one begins to exhibit these symptoms. another instance where rashes are involved that should have you worried is if the rashes you have developed begin to blister. Blistering of a rash is usually due to an allergic reaction or a reaction to medication and should be taken seriously. You should also begin to worry if you develop a rash around sensitive areas of the body such as around the eyes, in and around the mouth and around the genital area. This should lead to you seeking immediate medical attention for sure. If the rash begins to show signs that it is infected, then this should be yet another reason to worry. Such signs include yellow or green discharge, crusting, swelling, warmth in the area of the rash and pain. This should be taken seriously as if it is not, septic shock may ensue.

The above are some of the instances in which you should worry as far as rashes are concerned, with more on this and other related topics to be found over at frontlineer.com.


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