What are the symptoms of back pains that should prompt you to visit the emergency room?

So, what are the symptoms of back pains that should prompt you to visit the emergency room? Here are tips on when to immediately report your back pain to the nearest emergency room;

A sudden acute pain that travels down either or both your legs should be reported immediately

The reasons why one normally feels pain in his arms is because of the sciatic nerve which is located in the lower back being injured. 

Pain accompanied by numbness in the lower body especially in the legs

If you have back pains which are accompanied by numbness in the lower body area especially in the legs, then you need to visit the nearest emergency room. Numbness in the lower body is an indication of an injury to one or multiple lumbar nerves or something even worse. 

Sharp lower back pains are particularly indicative of serious complications

Most of the harmless back pains resulting from rigorous physical activity are normally manageable and don’t last more than a day after you get good rest. 

Pain accompanied with sudden appetite loss and unexplained weight loss

If you have been experiencing mild back pains for some time now and realize that you have lost some weight and have problems with your appetite, you need to visit the emergency room because you could be in some potential danger. 

Back pain coupled with loss of bladder control

If your back pains are accompanied by bowel and/or urinary incontinence (condition where you are inability to hold urine and loss of rectal control) you need to visit the emergency room before it is all too late. These symptoms are normally indicative of cauda equine syndrome

Recurrent back pains

If you are experiencing relatively mild pains but which are recurrent, it is best advised that you get medical attention.

Come, sit and talk to Frontline Emergency Room about your back pains

Are your recurrent back pains affecting the quality of life you are living in Richmond? Are you suffering from unexplained back pain in Dallas? 


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