HHow To Resolve A Sinus Problem Caused By An Implant

How To Resolve A Sinus Problem Caused By An Implant

However, a sinus infection can be resolved with the right treatment and care.  Additionally, patients with sinus issues should be honest with their dentists before an implant to allow the oral surgeon to do a test on the teeth to detect any sinus problems that can become worse due to an implant

Some of the common signs that you might have a sinus problem after an implant include increased pressure or a stuffy nose, pain, increased pressure on your face, mild fever and nasal discharge. The dentist might need to remove the implant and repair the infected part before placing another implant. You will also be given a course of antibiotics to get rid of the infection.

Picking an experienced and skilled dental surgeon is an essential thing to consider if you want to prevent a sinus problem during an implant. Such a dentist will check your teeth position, will identify the position of your nerves and will also check if you have enough bone under the sinus. The dentist will also check if the volume and density of your jawbone before the implant. All this will be determined with the help of CT scans or X-rays. It is another reason why you need a dentist who has a 3D scanner or a panoramic X-ray machine that can give a picture of all the nerves within your sinus cavity and protect the nerves from damage.

A skilled dentist who has the right equipment will come up with the best surgical plan for the ideal location and angle of the implant. At Frontline ER, we have all the machines we need for the said procedures. Additionally, our dentists are qualified and experienced to give you the best care. If you suspect your implant might be the cause of your sinus problem or you need an implant that will be void of any sinus problem, visit us for friendly professional care that will lead to a beautiful smile.


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