Visit an Emergency Room Instead of Urgent Care Clinic : Broken Bones

Visit an Emergency Room Instead of Urgent Care Clinic : Broken Bones

Accidents happen and broken bones are a common result. When you break a bone, it’s important that you get treatment from an emergency room doctor as soon as possible because medical treatment can actually help bones heal faster than if left untreated. Getting an X-ray and other necessary treatments in a timely manner helps prevent further injury and shortens recovery time. If you need help identifying common signs of broken bones or want more information about how to treat them, contact us today! Our experienced team of doctors is here for you 24/7.

A broken bone is a relatively common injury, which will always require immediate medical attention. To heal properly, bones need to be held in place, so if you’ve sustained a fracture, it’s best to seek medical help right away. Broken bones are particularly serious for children and older adults because they can experience complications more easily than younger people who have stronger immune systems. In addition, broken bones can also lead to blood clots or nerve damage; both of these problems will get worse without immediate treatment. For example, when your leg is fractured in two places and then left untreated for too long, it can result in a condition called compartment syndrome that could require amputation.

If you’ve had a serious trauma and suspect you may have broken bones, seek medical attention immediately. You need someone who can assess your injuries, provide a diagnosis and recommend treatment options. For example, you may be experiencing major bleeding from a car accident, which is life-threatening; in addition to controlling that blood loss, an emergency room (ER) doctor might administer medications like tranexamic acid that help with coagulation or perform a procedure like a tracheotomy if there’s an airway issue preventing breathing. If it turns out there’s no bleeding or airway problem but you still have pain or instability where your injury occurred, they’ll send you for X-rays.


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