Urgent care clinic or emergency room? Broken bones

Urgent care clinic or emergency room? Broken bones 

Broken bones are a result of serious trauma and often need immediate medical care and treatment if you are t make a full recovery and avoid serious irreversible conditions. A broken bone translates to inhibited mobility or possible life threatening condition owing to the bone being out of its original place and hence impacting other organs. What frontlineer.com, one of the best ER facilities with unrivalled quality and equipment, proposes is an immediate visit to an ER near you to have imaging and complete diagnosis done. The severity of a broken bone is what necessitates a visit to an ER as opposed to an urgent care clinic since a visit to the latter will still see you referred to an emergency care facility. So which one will suit you when you have a broken bone, an urgent care clinic or an emergency room? 

Urgent care clinics

Few if any urgent care clinics have observation beds where effective diagnosis can be done. This then means that they will still have to give you a referral to a better equipped medical care center in the form of an ER. As much as an urgent care clinic is a standalone facility that offers easy access, it is only designed to respond to non-life-threatening medical situations and broken bones are in some form out of that scope. A reality that is sure to come into play when you visit an urgent care clinic with a broken bone is the fact that you will have chosen a complicated healthcare route as most of your diagnosis and treatment plan including recovery will be done at better established and equipped medical centers. The best ERs not only have the top equipment but also have the expert doctors and orthopedic surgeons in place and these upsides are what rank frontlineer.com at the top. There is no point in getting an inaccurate diagnosis at an urgent care clinic that promises lower cost but in real sense offers a shallow medical care due to its capacity of only handling minor health issues and low-acuity cases. What’s more? An urgent care clinic lacks the facilities and the technical background to use regional or general anesthesia in case of emergency surgeries and will instead put you in an ambulance headed to an ER. 


Since a broken bone requires emergency treatment, an ER is the best medical facility to visit as you will be afforded the medical care you deserve. A break in bone or cartilage ranks as a serious condition that may be a result of abnormal formation of the bone or an acquired disease of the bone. what is clear however, is the fact that any case of broken bones must be addressed promptly and with the right experts at hand to advise with every step of the way. 

What an ER will do for you

Evaluate the trauma

It is very important that the trauma that caused the broken bones is evaluated for proper diagnosis. At an ER facility like frontlineer.com with the best imaging and diagnostic equipment, you can be sure that you will have your bones checked to ascertain the type of fracture that should be worked on. Whether it is a compound fracture that has seen the bone penetrate the skin and become exposed including the deep tissues or a simple fracture that can’t be diagnosed without X-rays or CT scans; you will be glad to know that the facilities at an ER will enable the professionals get to the core of the matter.  

Bone alignment

One of the crucial medical steps for a broken bone includes the alignment of the bone back to its original setting. This returns the bone to its rightful position for proper healing. 


At an ER, you can have equipped doctors and nurses easily have your broken bones splinted to allow them heal gradually on their own. This is often done after an extensive test is done and a determination done as to the severity of the condition.  


All emergency rooms, frontlineer.com being a case in point, that have the requisite diagnostic equipment and treatment procedures in place will ultimately perform the required diagnosis and effectively place a cast over the broken bone if the remedy requires one and this normally heals in around 8 weeks. 


In the more serious conditions that require extra measures, an ER is the best medical care center to handle a surgery that will see a variation of metal rods, plates, pins or screws placed to hold the bone in place until it is properly healed. 

Pain medication

As for broken ribs and tailbone, an ER will offer you some pain medication to allow the bone heal gradually without the pain you would otherwise experience. again, this conclusion is often arrived at after extensive tests that would otherwise not be done at other medical facilities case in point being urgent care clinics. 

The bottom line   

An emergency room as well equipped and staffed like frontlineer.com will be at the top of your case of broken bones to ensure you receive top of the range medical care and treatment. The qualified ER nurses and licensed doctors work round the clock to provide a qualified medical diagnosis on the broken bones and thereby settle on a treatment plan that will guarantee full recovery so don’t waste time and finances in the wrong treatment facility which is a step that will leave you with two bills to take care of especially since you will eventually be referred to an ER anyway. 


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