Understanding the Flu and How to prevent it?

Understanding the Flu and How to prevent it?

During every cold season, many people suffer from the flu. The disease is caused by a virus which can quickly spread from one person to another. To some people, it is a mild illness. However, to the other people who have other health complications such as diabetes and high blood pressure, this is a severe, life-threatening condition. To a majority of people, flu is just another disease which goes away after one week or two. Others tend to get very sick. It is easy for a person who is having flu to have another infection. The most common infection which attacks people with flu is pneumonia

The Spread of the Disease

Influenza is a contagious disease that spreads for one person to another through the air. You do not need to come into contact with a sick person to contract it. It is possible for you to pass it to another person before feeling sick. Those who are suffering from this disease have the capability of spreading it to other people if they do not get the required treatment. The virus which causes this disease can live on a surface like a book for many hours. If you come into contact with this book, you are at the risk of being infected. Stay away from sick people. Also, ensure that you wash your hands with detergent after coming into contact with sick people. These are some of the easiest ways of preventing the spread of this disease.


Unfortunately, many people do not know how to differentiate between the flu and the common cold. A cold is almost similar to the flu. However, the symptoms of flu are severe and more pronounced to older people. You need to know some of these symptoms so that you can contact a doctor at FrontLine ER for the correct medication. If you are suffering from flu, you tend to have a fever and dry coughs. These coughs are very painful. Patients of flu have a lot of pain on the throat and headaches which are accompanied by chills. Additionally, they tend to feel very tired.

Some people tend to experience a lot of vomiting accompanied by diarrhea. However, this is more pronounced in children as compared to adults. Sore throats are also an indicator that you are suffering from flu and you need immediate medical attention

Prevention Methods

A Flu Shot

Ensure that you have a flu shot during each flu season. It significantly protects you from this severe illness. You can get one at FrontLine ER.  These are vaccines which are injected into your arm using a needled. They work by triggering antibodies to develop in your body within two weeks after the injection. These antibodies protect your body form the strains of the flu which are present in the vaccines. However, this shot might have some side effects such as dizziness. It has saved thousands of lives all over the world ever since its development.

Doctors at FrontLine ER advise that anybody past the age of six months can get this injection. However, it should strictly be administered by a qualified health professional.

Embrace Good Health Habits

In addition to getting vaccinated, people are always advised to be mindful of their health at all the times. Flu is capable of spreading from an infected person to all the people within the six feet radius via the droplets produced when the infected person coughs. In workplaces, infected people need to go home until they recover to prevent them from spreading to other individuals. You are always advised to avoid close contact with an infected person. If you are suffering from this condition, always stay from public places at least one day after you have recovered. You are also advised to cover your nose with a tissue every time you sneeze. Dispose of the tissue paper immediately after use.

Other personal hygiene recommended by the doctors at FrontLine ER includes always washing your hands with soap and water to ensure that they are free of germs. All the surfaces where people come into contact with at school and work need to be cleaned and disinfected.

Boost Your Immune System

It is the immune system which protects your body against infections. If it is not functioning correctly, then you are at the risk of contracting other diseases including flu. Infections such as asthma and allergies tend to weaken your immune system. Doctors at FrontLine ER advise you to embrace a healthy living strategy to boost this critical system. You need to have a diet which is rich in fruits and vegetables. On top of this, your body needs regular exercise to burn excess calories. You need to have adequate rest. As such, you require at least seven hours of sleep every day. Stress is also a common factor which destroys your immune system. You need to avoid stress at all time. If you follow these tips as given by FrontLine ER, you stand a better chance of fighting the flu.


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