Top 10 Emergency Rooms that Treat Stroke Symptoms in Houston Texas

Top 10 Emergency Rooms that Treat Stroke Symptoms in Houston Texas

Given the potential consequences, it is important that you not only seek emergency services by having yourself taken to an ER when experiencing stroke symptoms, but also that you seek the best services possible. This article should come in handy for the people of Houston Texas as it will look to highlight 10 of the best emergency rooms that treat stroke symptoms in the area.

Frontline ER

They are undoubtedly the best and most popular emergency room in Houston Texas, with the facilities and trained personnel to handle all sorts of emergencies, including stroke symptoms. As discussed over at, there will be no waiting times for such serious symptoms and you will be seen immediately. Their board-certified emergency physicians ensure that you will receive the best services around, making use of their on-site lab and radiology suite to carry out quick and accurate diagnosis after which they will offer effective treatment delivered in a timely manner. They also have an inpatient suite for those patients who may need to be admitted as well as access to specialists such as neurologists if needed.

Bellaire Emergency Room

Yet another top-rated emergency room in Houston Texas, where you can go to for treatment of stroke symptoms. Their highly trained and experienced physicians mean you will be in safe hands, and they will move immediately to diagnose your symptoms and proceed with treatment as soon as possible to prevent any bad outcomes. As is the case over at, with them you won’t have to worry about costs as well as their services are very affordable, offering flexible payment plans, as well as accepting most insurance covers.

Sacred Heart Emergency Room

As is seen over at as well, given the seriousness of the situation, there will be no waiting time when you arrive at this emergency room with stroke symptoms. Their on-site lab and radiology department allows for quick diagnosis of your symptoms, allowing their doctors to quickly rule out other possible causes such as tumors, ascertain the severity of damage caused to the brain as well as determine the type of stroke one is experiencing, whether it is a hemorrhagic or an ischemic stroke. The results of these tests are what will govern treatment, which they will proceed with immediately to ensure that they sidestep any unwanted consequences.

Methodist Hospital Emergency Room

They have a fleet of ambulances which they can dispatch to your location, with some of the quickest response times in Houston, if your stroke symptoms are severe. At their emergency room facility, they have an on-site lab and radiology wing that will allow their highly trained doctors to quickly move to diagnose your stroke symptoms, after which they will quickly move to treatment. As is the case also over at, they also provide access to specialists such as neurologist if your situation requires the same.

Baylor St. Luke’s Emergency Room

As is the case over at, they have every angle covered as far as treatment of stroke is concerned, from emergency medication to surgical treatment options and so much more, which makes them one of the best places to go when looking for emergency room that treats stroke symptoms in Houston Texas. They offer excellent services and will provide a very steady and safe pair of hands when dealing with such an emergency.

Park Plaza Emergency Room

They are yet another good option to consider when looking for an emergency room to go to in Houston Texas and have your stroke symptoms treated. Their on-site lab and full-service radiology ensure that your symptoms will be diagnosed quickly and accurately, allowing for treatment to commence soon after, therefore giving you the best possible chance of recovering fully afterwards. Just as is seen over at, they also have inpatient services in case you need to be admitted.

Memorial Heights Emergency Room

They are one of the oldest emergency centers in Houston, and as such come with tremendous pedigree in handling all sorts of emergencies including stroke symptoms. Just like the highly rated, they have a well-equipped lab and radiology suite which allows their highly trained doctors to move quickly to diagnosing your symptoms, where they will ascertain the severity of the damage, they type of stroke one is having as well as rule out other possible culprits such as brain tumors. This ensures that treatment commences soon after one arrives, giving them the best possible chance of avoiding unwanted outcomes and making a quick and full recovery.

Clear Lake Regional Medical Emergency Room

Having partnered with local ambulance services, they have quick response times that will allow them to get to you if you call them for stroke symptoms. They are well-equipped and have some of the best and most experienced medical practitioners which means that when you go to them with stroke symptoms, you will be safe hands, something that is also true for the folks over at the highly rated

SignatureCare Emergency Center

When you go to this emergency room for stroke symptoms, there will be no waiting times, and you will be seen as soon as you step through the front doors, just as is the case over at They have an ultra-modern lab and radiology department which allows for test such as blood work, CT scans, EKGs among others to be done. This ensures that your symptoms are diagnosed as soon as possible paving the way for treatment to start in earnest.

First Choice Emergency Rooms

They have the latest in state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, and their use of the very latest technology in their operations means that they are another top emergency room in Houston Texas where you can go to and have your stroke symptoms treated. Diagnosis and treatment are done in a timely manner to give their patients the best chance of making a full recovery and their highly-trained and experienced physicians ensure the very best when it comes to service delivery.

Always remember that the highly regarded is the best place to go to in Houston Texas when looking for an emergency room to treat your stroke symptoms.


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