Top 10 Emergency Rooms that Treat Back Pain in Dallas Texas

Top 10 Emergency Rooms that Treat Back Pain in Dallas Texas

Back pain can be debilitating and if it is severe or it is accompanied by severe symptoms such as fever, incontinence, weakness among others as discussed over at, then you should go to an emergency room to be accessed. If you are in Dallas Texas and are looking for such services in the area, then you are in the right place as this article will look to highlight the 10 best emergency rooms that treat back pain in the area.

Frontline ER Dallas

This is arguably the best emergency room in Dallas Texas, with a track record of high-quality emergency services, handling all sorts of emergencies including back pain. As is discussed over at, they have all the necessary facilities and qualified personnel to help you with your back pain from their on-site lab and radiology to their board-certified doctors and nurses, who will ensure that you are diagnosed and treated as soon as possible to ease your back pain.

Advance ER – Galleria

This is yet another excellent option to consider when looking for an emergency room in Dallas that will treat your back pain. If you need any sort of blood test to check for infection or if you need an MRI or CT scan to get to the bottom of your back pain, their ultra-modern lab and radiology department will ensure your diagnosis is quick and accurate. Their experienced doctors will then know exactly what kind of treatment is required based on the diagnosis. As is the case also over at, they accept most of the major insurance covers and credit cards which helps make their services very affordable.

Advance ER – Park Cities

Just like their sister branch in Galleria, they are just as impressive and popular when it comes to dealing with all sorts of emergencies including back pain. From their on-site radiology suite and lab to their clean and comfortable rooms and their highly trained and experienced physicians, it is easy to see why they are so highly rated. They also provide access to specialists as well as inpatient facilities if needed which is yet another feather in their cap.

Medical City ER

This excellent Dallas emergency room is known for their short waiting times and therefore you will be attended to as soon as possible for your back pain. Their experienced physicians also ensure that diagnosis is accurate and that treatment is effective and timely, something they have in common with the board-certified doctors over at Costs are also pretty affordable, with flexible payment plans as well as the major credit cards and insurance covers accepted.

Elite Care 24 Hour Emergency Room

They caring and compassionate staff here, from the doctors to the nurses and even the technicians will ensure that you are are treated with dignity and respect, particularly if you are experiencing incontinence to go with your back pain. They have an ultra-modern lab and radiology suite which will ensure that you are diagnosed as soon as possible be it through CT scans, blood work and any other tests. Just like the highly rated, they are yet another option to consider when looking for such services in Dallas.

Preston Hollow Emergency Room

As is the case for the highly regarded, they have very short waiting times if any, which is why they are so popular in Dallas as you will be sure that you won’t be made to wait before being attended to. Their experienced and highly knowledgeable physicians will know exactly which tests to order as well as which treatments to administer, and your back pain will be addressed effectively as soon as possible.

Trusted ER – Uptown

They are a trusted name in Dallas Texas just like their name suggests, and are yet another option worth considering when looking for an ER to go to and have your back pain treated. Their ultra-modern facilities and board-certified physicians ensure that treatment is timely and effective and you will definitely be in safe hands with them. As seen also over at, they have a number of flexible payment options that ensure that their services are quite affordable.

Trusted ER – Hillcrest

They are just as impressive as their other facility over in Uptown Dallas discussed above. Their facilities are state-of-the-art from their lab to their radiology suite, and coupled with their highly trained and experienced physicians, then what you have is one of the best emergency rooms facility where you can go and get your back pain treated effectively and in a timely manner. Just like, they also offer access to specialists for those patients who may require specialist care.

Highland Park Emergency Room

They are another emergency room in Dallas you can trust to effectively handle your back pain, while being treated with care and compassion while at it. Their ultra-modern lab and radiology suite ensure quick diagnosis which paves way for timely treatment. They also accept most of the major credit cards and insurance covers, just like over at the excellent

Lakewood Emergency Room

From their full-service radiology to their ultra-modern lab, you can be sure that the cause and extend of the damage as far as your back pain is concerned will be uncovered within no time. Their experienced board-certified emergency room physicians also ensure that you get timely and effective treatment, at very affordable services.

As always, the highly rated Frontline ER Dallas is the best option as far as treatment for you back pain in Dallas goes, and you can discover more about them by visiting


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