Top 10 Coronavirus Tips for Dementia Caregivers

Top 10 Coronavirus Tips for Dementia Caregivers

It is clear that it can’t be business as usual for dementia caregivers, particularly given that those you are taking care of are the elderly who are the age demographic which is most at risk as far as the coronavirus is concerned, as covered in detail over at This article should therefore be of great help as it will look to highlight 10 coronavirus tips for dementia caregivers.

Placing of signs in the bathroom

As per the subject matter experts over at, one of the biggest issues with people living with dementia as far as the coronavirus is concerned is their memory issues become a big impediment to their personal hygiene practices, which are important in combatting the virus. Therefore, as tip to dementia caregivers, you should consider placing signs in the bathroom and elsewhere in the building to remind them to wash their hands with soap regularly. This will ensure that they are always cognizant of the fact that they need to keep washing their hands.

Consider switching to alcohol-based hand sanitizers

If you are finding it difficult to get the person who is under your care and who is living with dementia to regularly wash their hands, another tip for dementia caregivers is to consider switching to alcohol-based hand sanitizers. These are easier to access and use, and since they have them on them all the time, they will most likely remember to use them regularly. As per the gurus over at, you should make sure that the hand sanitizer you are having them use contains at least 60% alcohol to be effective.

Prescription for medications

Another tip for dementia caregivers as far as the coronavirus pandemic is concerned involves drug prescriptions for their patients where one should consider asking the pharmacist or doctor to fill for you prescriptions lasting for a greater number of days, so as to reduce trips to the pharmacy and consequently keep your patient safe. Going out increases the chances of getting exposed to the virus and therefore this tip will reduce that risk.

Come up with a plan in case of sickness

Another coronavirus tip that the folks over at have for dementia caregivers is for them to come up with a plan of action in case they become sick. While one should be doing everything in their power to avoid the virus, you should make sure you plan a head and that you have a plan of how you will proceed in case you do fall sick. This will ensure that you know how to proceed, which will ensure that your patient continues receiving care even if you fall sick.

Make changes to visitor protocols

In order to keep the person living with dementia safe, you may also want to change the protocols as pertains visitors. As per the gurus over at, this may mean limiting or even scrapping visiting hours altogether. While this may be difficult for the residents of the assisted living facility, it is designed to keep them safe given that they are at a high risk of suffering serious complications if they become sick due to the virus.

Come up with alternate ways to contact family members

If you decide not to allow visitors, another tip for dementia caregivers, one endorsed by the subject matter experts over at, is to come up with alternative ways for patients to contact and interact with their family members. You should consider introducing options such as video chats to allow the people living in your care to still be able to contact and interact with their family while keeping safe.

Ensure that the patients in your care remain active

Even as you try to keep your patients safe from the coronavirus, another tip that the gurus over at have for dementia caregivers is for them to still ensure that those in their care remain active. Have them exercise at least once a day, and you can even practice seated exercises or dancing. If possible, have them go out to the garden for some fresh air and sunlight and so forth. This will ensure their physical and emotional help, even as you try and keep them safe from the coronavirus.

Try to maintain a peaceful and calm environment

Another tip that the folks over at have for caregivers during the coronavirus pandemic is for them to try as much as possible to remain calm during the crisis. Don’t alarm your patients about the virus and try to limit what you say about the virus as well as ensuring you are not watching the news when they are in the room. While it is important that they know what is going on, alarming them isn’t going to help anyone and it will only create panic.

Try to maintain a routine

In the current troubling times, it is important that as a caregiver you ensure that those in your care maintain a consistent routine, which is yet another tip by the gurus over at Try to minimize disruptions and try to make sure things run as smoothly and as normally as possible, which will be of great help to the elderly in your care during the current times.

Think about your own self-care as well

Another tip is for you as a caregiver to maintain good mental health even as you take care of your patients. Try to do things that will ease your mind such as taking breaks to watch your favorite movie or read your favorite book, meditate and exercise, connect with your friends and family and so forth. Our mental health is just as important as that of your patients and you should take care of yourself as well.

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