Therapeutic modalities for child and adolescent disorders

Therapeutic modalities for child and adolescent disorders

  • Parental involvement and support
    • Recognized as a critical factor on the supportive and educational interventions for the child or adolescent
  • Group therapy
    • For younger children takes the form of play, as they get older, more talk therapy can occur.
    • Groups are effective for common issues such as bereavement, abuse, chronic illness, or addiction
    • One of the challenges of using groups with this category lies in the contagious effect of disruptive behavior.
  • Milieu therapy
    • Philosophical basis for structuring inpatient and other long-term treatment programs
    • The nurse and other team members collaborate to provide a therapeutic environment that facilitate growth, safety, and positive change.
  • Behavior modification and cognitive behavioral therapy
    • Based on the principle that rewarded behavior is more likely to be repeated.
    • Connections between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are identified, and technique help to develop rational thinking better choices, and impulse control.
  • Removal and restraint
    • They are dangerous, controversial treatment for children and adults.
    • Injuries and even death have been associated with seclusion and restraint.


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