The Most Common Basketball Injuries & How to Treat Them: ER Near Me

The Most Common Basketball Injuries & How to Treat Them: ER Near Me

There is no greater feeling, in a sporting context, than when you go for that 3-pointer and it goes in with nothing but net. This is just one of the things that makes basketball one of the most popular sports out there, for both adults and kids. However, no matter how fun basketball can be, as per the gurus over at, injuries are always a possibility, as is the case for all contact sports. As explained over at the excellent, there are number of things you can do to help prevent injury like wearing a mouth guard to protect your teeth, ensuring that you wear appropriately when going on the court to play among other protective measures. Among these other protective measures is making sure that you know when you have suffered an injury so that you can get treatment to not only prevent further injury by continuing to play with an injury, but also are able to make a full recovery. However, in order to do so, you need to be able to know if you are injured and to that effect, this article, with the help of the experts over at, will look to highlight the most common basketball injuries and how to treat them, as well as when to go to an ER near you for the same.

One of the most common basketball injuries out there are ankle sprains, which is to be expected given the strain put on your ankles when playing the sport. According to, you can suffer an ankle injury while playing basketball by twisting awkwardly when looking to dribble or when you land awkwardly after taking a shot or blocking one, with both scenarios leading to you rolling your ankle causing the ankle sprain. Such an injury will lead to pain on your ankle as well as swelling or even bruising. Treatment of an ankle injury, as discussed over at, involves making use of the R.I.C.E technique. This means Resting the injured area, Icing the sprained ankle to help with the pain and swelling, Compression of the sprained ankle to also help with the swelling as well as Elevating the sprained ankle to a level that is above your heart which will also bring down the swelling. If the pain is severe, you hear a popping sound during the injury, you notice signs of an infection on the sprained ankle such as red streaks and tenderness, there is visible deformity on the sprained ankle or there is reduced or no movement at all on the sprained ankle, then you should go to an ER near you, such as the highly rated, to be attended to.

Another common basketball injury you are likely to suffer is a sprained knee, which again you are likely to suffer when landing awkwardly after taking a shot or from a sudden change in direction where you can tweak your knee. You may also suffer a sprained knee from contact with another player as per the gurus over at When you suffer this injury, you will experience pain on the damaged knee and you may also experience swelling, which may or may not be visible, as the swelling may occur behind your knee cap or the joint itself. Treatment here again is through the R.I.C.E technique, as well as over-the-counter pain meds for the pain. However, if you a heard popping sound during the injury, you are experiencing severe swelling and excruciating pain, you are unable to move the sprained knee or there is visible deformity, then you should head over to the excellent, or an ER near you to be attended to. Another common basketball injury is a jammed finger which is likely to occur when attempting to catch the ball and it hits one of your fingers. Treatment in most cases involves soaking the injured finger in cold water for 20 minutes and then wrapping it with medical tape, wrapping it to the finger next to it as per the folks over at This is rarely an emergency, but if the swelling and pain is extreme and severe, then you should go to an ER near you to be assessed and attended to.

Yet another common basketball injury are bruises which you may suffer when colliding or through a direct blow from another player or if you fall on the court. Treatment for bruises is mostly through the R.I.C.E technique and these injuries will rarely need you to go to an ER near you, such as the highly rated You may also suffer cuts, especially on the face and head, usually as a result of a blow from an opponent. As far as treatment is concerned, if there is bleeding, you should apply pressure on the wound to stem the bleeding, with ice being applied to help with the pain and swelling. However, if the cut is deep, gaping or has jagged edges or if you are unable to stop bleeding, then you should head over to an ER near you, like the highly rated, as soon as possible. Another common basketball injury is a concussion, which can happen after a knock to the head or neck, most likely by colliding with another player. Signs of a concussion include confusion, a headache, nausea and vomiting, sensitivity to light or sound, problems with vision such as blurred vision, change in behavior or personality among others. If someone has suffered a concussion, they should stop playing straight away and shouldn’t return, to playing or training, until they have been assessed and given the all clear by a qualified medical professional. If someone losses consciousness, even if momentarily, after a blow to the head or neck area, then they should be taken to an ER near them, such as, as soon as possible. If their other concussion symptoms are escalating, then they should also be taken to an ER near them as soon as possible.

Remember, if you have suffered a serious basketball injury and are looking for an ER near you, then look no further than the highly rated, and


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