What are The Causes of Stomach Pain?

Stomach pains are one of the most common ailments doctors handle. Interesting enough, any pains in the abdomen will get referred to as stomach pains. It is therefore quite trying to tell them apart with the primary symptom being stomach pain. Here are three typical stomach pains and what they mean.

Main Causes of Stomach Pain

  1. GERD

GERD is a short form of the Gastro-esophageal reflux disease, commonly known as heartburn. It is described by backwash or acid flowing into the esophagus irritating its lining. The condition is quite common. Patients will tell of a burning sensation on the chest after a meal or snack. In extreme cases, the patients will suffer chest pains, food regurgitation, difficulties in swallowing and a lump sensation in the throat. The cause for GERD is the irregular contraction of the lower esophageal sphincter that allows food into the stomach and locks the acid in the stomach. In some people, GERD is however induced by certain foods such as fatty foods. The risks of GERD also increase for obese people, pregnant women and people with delayed stomach emptying or with the scleroderma disorder.

  1. Appendicitis

It refers to an appendix inflammation and can either be acute or chronic; mainly affecting people in the 10-30 age bracket and more often in men than women. Symptoms could include a sharp pain around one’s belly button and a pain in the lower right part of the abdomen.  It is caused by appendicle obstruction. Usually, this could be from worms, trauma, tumors and enlarged lymphoid follicles. The patients will experience loss of appetite, nausea, constipation and at times diarrhea. They will be unable to pass gas and also have to swell in the abdomen. In addition, they will often get a sense that passing stool, that doesn’t always work. In extreme cases, the patients will feel a tenderness on their right abdominal side.

  1. Stomach ulcers

These are wounds on the stomach lining. They are mainly caused by the excessive production of gastric acids. People who have high anti-inflammatory drugs are usually prone to stomach ulcers. The gastric acid will combine with bacteria and the toxins from the drugs and damage the stomachs mucosa lining. In earlier research, doctors discovered that stressful conditions also trigger or cause the stomach ulcers.Stomach ulcer patients will experience abdominal pains, bloating and burning sensations between the belly and breastbone. Vomit and stool will have blood traces due to the ulcers bleeding. Apart from the loss of appetite and change in body weight, the patients will be restless and have trouble getting to sleep due to the pain. In extreme cases, the ulcers become perforations in the stomach which is a medical emergency.

  1. Stones in Gall Bladder

Right below the liver, the human body has a gallbladder. The sac-like organ is responsible for bile juice storage and dispensing. Whenever stones get in the gallbladder, they cause the gallbladder inflammation. Its opening becomes narrower thus less bile dispensing. A patient with stones in gallbladder will complain of pain in his upper right side of the abdomen.

  1. Pancreatitis

 This refers to an inflammation of the pancreas. The upper and middle abdomens will suffer excruciating pain. In other cases, the pain will spread to their backs. Pancreatitis is due to excessive overworking of the pancreas from excessive alcohol intake. Lying down will lower the pain, but the patient should seek medical attention, immediately.

  1. Malfunctioning Thyroid

Thyroids glands are situated at the neck of the human body. They control the speed of digestion via their hormone production. Thyroid glands can either suffer hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. In hyperthyroidism, the glands give excess hormones resulting in stomach pains and a diarrheaegesting. For hypothyroidism, the patient will have fewer hormones necessary for digestion. They will suffer stomach pains and a gassy stomach with constipation egesting.

  1. Intestinal Ulcers

 Unlike stomach ulcers, these will occur due to bacterial action as they start of the small intestines. These bacteria trigger the bacterial reaction in the duodenum leading to painful sores. The upper and middle abdominal parts will have the excruciating pain sensation that at times causes sleepless nights.

  1. Medication Side Effects

Some medications will have a severe impact on the tummy. They may include slowing down the stomach emptying period leading to swelling in the stomach lining and ulcers in the end. Narcotics, for example, will end up relaxing stomach walls. They lead to overeating due to the queasy feeling. The food will end up staying in the tummy for extended periods. NSAIDs will eventually cause pain due to ulcers.

  1. Food Poisoning

 Sometimes one ingests bacteria and viruses along with food. These foreign bodies lead to pain with diarrhea, nausea and general discomfort. It is advised that if the pain persists, you should find a cleaner dining environment.

  1. Gluten and Lactose Intolerance

At Frontline Emergency Clinic , allergic reactions to certain foods are some of the most common patient cases. For gluten, the patients will suffer celiac disease. Gluten found in plant products such as barley and wheat is not absorbable in the small intestines. Once the patient has consumed it, they start bloating and gassing with mild or severe pains depending on the intake. As for lactose intolerance, the patient will suffer diarrhea, burping gas and indigestion to those who are highly sensitive.

  1. Parasites

 Once in a while, some parasites will find their way into o our digestive tract. Some will attach themselves to stomach walls or in the intestines and colon. Cryptosporidium and Giardia are some of the most common parasites. Unwanted symptoms after a few days of exposure, the patients will have jolts of pain and in the stomach cramps at times and will need medical attention to identify and treat the parasitic condition.

As seen above, there are diverse causes of stomach pains.  When people hear of stomach pains, they run for over the counter drugs. This can mainly be dangerous in children since you can point to the exact condition they are having. Unless your doctor had diagnosed and prescribes certain drugs, avoid treating yourself. In cases of children, however, even a diagnosed case needs to have a doctor’s check.

Stomach pain can be dangerous, don’t treat as a normal, if you causes any kind of stomach pain listed above , consult with your emergency medical care like as Frontline ER, Frontline ER is the best 24 hour emergency care in Richmond and Dallas, Call us for Emergency at 281-766-3811


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