The Benefits of Telemedicine

The Benefits of Telemedicine

The advancement of technology has had a major effect on virtually every field in the word, and the field of medicine and healthcare has not been spared. There can be no denying that advancements in technology in medicine has come with it many benefits and positive changes. One thing that has remained the same is the relationship between the doctor and the patient, which has always remained private and personal, with doctor-patient confidentiality being a major pillar of the whole practice of medicine. This however doesn’t mean that there is no room for technology as far as this relationship is concerned, and that is where telemedicine comes in. telemedicine, in a nutshell, is when healthcare services such as consultations, assessments, among others are delivered remotely, by making use of the telecommunication infrastructure. This has been helped no end by the growth of internet coverage and has helped to connect patients virtually with health professionals. There can be no denying that telemedicine has helped break down certain barriers that were always in the way as far as receiving medical services are concerned. It has come with lots of benefits, some of which this article will look to highlight and discuss a bit of.

One of the main benefits as far as telemedicine is concerned is that it has helped increase access to health care as far as patients are concerned. This is because it has rendered the distance between the patient and the health professional irrelevant as well as taking the travelling aspect out of the equation, hence also saving on time. The braking down of geographic barriers as far as healthcare is concerned is extremely beneficial when it comes to rural areas especially those with a shortage as far as clinical officers and health care facilities are concerned, according to the subject matter experts over at As mentioned above, telemedicine having removed the aspect of travel has also brought about the added benefit of a reduction in costs. This is because it helps eliminate the costs that are accrued when patients are transported to the hospital or are transferred from one health facility to another especially if they are being taken for a consult with a specialist. With telemedicine, the patient can consult the specialist without having to be taken to them. Another way it has helped reduce costs is that it has helped keep out patients from hospitals, therefore eliminating the costs accrued due to inpatient care.

Another benefit as far as telemedicine is concerned is that is has helped improve the quality of care delivery. This applies to patients from the two opposite spectrums, those with medical health conditions as well as those with mental health conditions. It has done this by providing a platform that allows patients to better access health advice and services and as such has helped greatly reduce the number of hospital admissions and re-admissions, with the numbers over at showing the reduction has been one of over 30% for both counts. Given that it has increased accessibility to care, as mentioned above, telemedicine has also made people to become more engaged with their healthcare and as such has helped in the improving of their health. I mean, no one doesn’t like convenience, and telemedicine has brought with it convenience in spades and as such has helped make it possible for patients to stay engaged as far as their healthcare is concerned and consequently stay healthy. Apart from convenience, telemedicine also comes with greater flexibility especially due to the fact that it provides real-time care which has also helped in improving the health of patients.

As was mentioned at the very start of this discussion, at the very core of patient care that is of high quality, is a strong doctor-patient relationship. Telemedicine has actually helped enhance and strengthen this relationship as it has maintained the privacy and intimacy of this relationship while at the same time eliminating all the drawbacks that were as a result of travelling to go and see a doctor. As is covered in detail over at by the subject matter experts over there, telemedicine still leaves room for healthcare providers to still make physical follow up visits and checkups on patients when necessary, providing patients with the best of both worlds. As far as an advantage that is felt by healthcare providers go, telemedicine has helped in improving of healthcare provider satisfaction. This is because it has helped make it easier for them to find a better balance between work and family. It is no secret that the world of a healthcare provider can be quite stressful, and given telemedicine frees up time while ensuring you don’t physically have to be at the hospital to consult with patients, healthcare providers are able to free up more time to spend with family and thus improving their job satisfaction; and as we all know, if on is satisfied as far as their job is concerned, they are able to work better.

The above are some of the benefits that have been brought about by telemedicine, with more on this and other topics to be found over at the ever reliable


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