Stress Fractures: When to See a Doctor Near You

Stress Fractures: When to See a Doctor Near You

The importance of bones in terms of support, movement and locomotion cannot be stressed enough. This also means that bones bear a lot of stress when we are performing our daily activities or are playing sport and other activities. What this implies is that the risk of breaking bones is always hanging over our heads and it can be due to a number of reasons, from accidents and falls, to work related accidents, during sports, especially contact sports among others. The term fracture is the medical term used to describe a bone break, and it occurs when a bone is subjected to a force that is more than what it can withstand. They are usually very painful are fractures and as such one is usually required to seek immediate medical attention. Since bone healing is a natural occurrence, treatment of fractures involves putting up conditions that will facilitate and encourage bone healing, while trying to avoid infections and complications. There are different types of fractures, of which stress fractures are part of. Stress fractures occur when a small to moderate amount of force is applied to a specific bone over and over again. This leads to the bone breaking without being displaced or shifting position. Stress fractures are common in sports due to the repetitive nature of playing and training and the stress put on specific bones depending on the bone as well as to folks with weak bones due to poor nutrition. This article will look to highlight when to go to see a doctor near you, with being the pick of the bunch, due to a stress fracture.

The first indicator that should alert you that you need to see a doctor near you for a stress fracture is if you start feeling pain in a specific bone, for example in the foot, ankle among others, when you start doing activities that put pressure on the said bone. Pain due to stress fractures usually gets worse as the intensity of the activity is increased especially if you start doing impact activities. The pain may also or go away with rest when you stop the activity. It is also worth noting, the more you exert the affected bone, the worse the fracture gest and therefore it will take you shorter for the pain to set in when you start doing an activity that puts stress on the affected bone. The pain depends on which bone has been affected, and it is also worth noting for stress fractures, it usually hurts when you touch or press the part of the body where the bone has fractured. When you start showing the above symptoms, you should definitely see a doctor near you, with being the best place to visit, for assessment and treatment as soon as you can.

If you also start to develop tenderness as well as mild swelling on a body part with an underlying bone, then you should go and see a doctor near you as soon as possible as this is yet another sign that you may have a stress fracture and as such you should get it looked after as soon as possible before the fracture gets worse. Another sign that is indicative that you may have a stress fracture, and one that should ensure that you head over to see a doctor near you for the same is if you develop redness in an area with underlying bone. Remember, the best place to visit for a stress fracture is over at and it is advised that one does so as soon as they can so as to prevent the fracture from getting worse as well as ensuring it heals as quickly as possible.

As mentioned above, if you have a condition that weakens your bones such as osteoporosis among others, then you should go and see a doctor near you for stress fractures if you start developing pain during activities that ease when you rest. This is because weak bones may not be able to withstand certain activities, making such folks prone to suffering from stress fractures. Women that have irregular menstrual periods, or no periods at all should also see a doctor near them, with being the best place to visit for this, when they start experiencing dull pain that increases in intensity when they exercise or start doing activities. This is because such women are likely to have lower bone density and as such are likely to suffer from stress fractures from their activities. This is why, when you go to see a doctor for a stress fracture and you are a woman, they as if you have been getting regular periods. Remember to take cases of stress fractures seriously as if they remain untreated they could worsen and become full-blown, complete bone breaks, could lead to one developing arthritis if the fracture was close to a joint, among other consequences.

The above are the instances when you should go see a doctor near you for a stress fracture, with being the best place to visit for this.


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