Severe Headache Symptoms and Conditions We Treat at

Severe Headache Symptoms and Conditions We Treat at

If there is a condition that is common out there, one that majority of us have definitely experienced at one point or the other, then it is headaches. They are quite common and in most cases a headache is not something that should be a cause for concern. This is because it could indicate just general tiredness after a long day of work and as such some rest could remedy it. It could also be a symptom of some not so serious conditions such as mild cold and flu, and in such cases some rest, lots of fluids and even over-the-counter medication ought to do the trick. However, there are instances where headaches are a sign of something more sinister and may require one to head over to the emergency room as soon as possible to have yourself attended to and treated. This is because headaches can be indicative of some very serious conditions such as aneurysms or even strokes and many others and as such should always be taken seriously since these conditions, as we all know, are potentially life-threatening if not treated as soon as possible. Given headaches can mean both minor and serious conditions, it is important to know which ones are serious. To do so, we will highlight some of the symptoms as far as headaches are concerned, that are treated over at, which is one of the best emergency rooms around.

One of the symptoms that is treated over at as far as headaches are concerned and should always lead to a visit over there, is if you are experiencing what feels like the worst headache you have ever experienced in your life. If the headache is so severe and crippling, and feels like the worst one ever, then you should have it attended to as soon as possible. This is because, this is a sign of an aneurysm that may have burst and is leaking, a condition that is quite serious and should be taken quite seriously. That is why it is treated over at Another headache symptom that is treated over here is one where one is experiencing severe headache accompanied by s a stiff neck and a fever. This is usually indicative of meningitis, an infection in the brain that should always be taken seriously as it is potentially life-threatening. Hence why folks who are presenting with such symptoms and any other symptoms of meningitis are advised to head over to this facility and have it treated as soon as possible.

As was mentioned earlier, headaches can also be a sign of stroke, and as such it should be no surprise to hear that headache symptoms that indicate one may be suffering from a stroke are treated over at Early signs as far as a stroke is concerned include a headache accompanied by nausea as well as any difficulties with speech, talking as well as walking. Other red flags as far as strokes are concerned include paralysis on one side of the body or even face, which may include drooping on one side of the face and eyelid. Such symptoms are treated over here as they are signs that one is suffering from a stroke, and the medical professionals here will work hard to try to deal with it, as soon as possible. Another case as far as headaches are concerned that we at treat includes instances where one may be suffering from severe headaches and are on blood thinners. If your doctor has prescribed to you blood thinners, which you are on, and you start to experience headaches, then you should visit us as soon as possible and be treated as this may also be a sign of something more sinister that ought to be attended to as soon as possible.

Another situation concerning headaches that we over at treat also includes instances where the headache is as a result of head injury or trauma. If you are experiencing severe headache after having taken a knock or blow to the head, or injured your head, then you should pay us a visit as soon as possible and have yourself attended to. This is because headaches that are as a result of head trauma or injury are usually indicative of concussion or any other traumatic brain injury and should always be taken seriously, especially in cases of severe concussion, where one may have lost consciousness, even just for a moment. Another condition that we treat as far as headaches are concerned include cases where one is suffering from severe headache and have a serious or life-threatening condition such as liver, kidney or heart disease, or have a condition that may be compromising their immunity such as recent chemotherapy or HIV/AIDS. Such conditions are always to be taken seriously and that is why we have them treated as soon as possible.

The above are some of the symptoms and conditions concerning headaches that we over at treat, and you should ensure you give us a visit for these and other instances of medical emergencies for the best services.


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