Resistant hypertension

Resistant hypertension

  • Failure to reach goal BP in patients taking full doses of an appropriate 3-drug therapy regimen that includes a diuretic. Reasons include
    • Improper BP measurement
    • Drug-induced
      • Nonadherence (e.g., due to drug side effects, finances)
      • Illegal drugs (e.g., cocaine, amphetamines)
      • Inadequate drug dosages
      • Inappropriate combinations of drug therapy
      • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
      • Sympathomimetics (e.g., decongestants, diet pills)
      • Oral contraceptives
      • Corticosteroids
      • Cyclosporine and tacrolimus (Prograf)
      • Erythropoietin
      • Licorice
      • Some chewing tobacco
      • Selected over-the-counter dietary or herbal supplements and drugs (e.g., ma huang, bitter orange)
    • Associated conditions
      • Increasing obesity
      • Excess alcohol intake
    • Identifiable causes of secondary hypertension


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