Hypertension : Nursing diagnoses

  • Nursing diagnoses
    • Ineffective health management related to lack of knowledge of pathology, complications, and management of hypertension
    • Anxiety related to complexity of management regimen
    • Sexual dysfunction related to side effects of antihypertensive medication
    • Risk for decreased cardiac tissue perfusion
    • Risk for ineffective cerebral tissue perfusion
    • Risk for ineffective renal perfusion
    • Potential complication: stroke, MI
  • Planning
    • Patient will
      • Achieve and maintain the goal BP
      • Follow the therapeutic plan
        • Including appointments with the HCP
      • Experience minimal side effects of therapy
      • Manage and cope with this condition.
  • Nursing implementation
    • Health Promotion
      • Primary prevention via lifestyle modification
      • Individual patient evaluation and education
      • Screening programs
      • Cardiovascular risk factor modification
    • Ambulatory Care
      • Evaluate therapeutic effectiveness
      • Detect and report adverse effects
      • Assess and enhance compliance
      • Patient and caregiver teaching
    • Home BP monitoring
      • Patient teaching is critical for accuracy
        • Proper equipment
        • Proper procedure
        • Frequency
        • Accurate recording and reporting
        • Target BP
    • Reasons for poor adherence to treatment plan are complex
      • Inadequate teaching
      • Low health literacy
      • Unpleasant side effects of drugs
      • Return to normal BP while on drugs
      • High cost of drugs
      • Lack of insurance
    • Measures to enhance compliance
      • Individualize plan
      • Active patient participation
      • Select affordable drugs
      • Involve caregivers
      • Combination drugs
      • Patient teaching
  • Nursing evaluation
    • Patient will:
      • Achieve and maintain goal BP
      • Understand, accept, and implement treatment plan
      • Report minimal side effects of therapy


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