Procedures related to elimination : Enemas & Ostomies

  • Procedures related to elimination
    • Enemas
      • Purpose
      • Techniques (age/weight appropriate)
        • If prepared saline is not available, the nurse can make some by adding 1 tsp of table salt to 500 mL (1 pint) of tap water.
        • An enema is an intrusive procedure and thus threatening to preschool children
          • Therefore, a careful explanation is especially important to ease possible fear.
    • Ostomies
      • Purpose
      • Techniques
        • The major emphasis in pediatric care is preparing the child for the procedure and teaching care of the ostomy to the child and family.
      • Skin/stoma care
        • Ostomy equipment consists of a one- or two-piece system with a hypoallergenic skin barrier to maintain peristomal skin integrity.
        • The pouch should be large enough to contain a moderate amount of stool and flatus but not so large as to overwhelm the infant or child.
        • A backing helps minimize the risk for skin breakdown from moisture trapped between the skin and pouch. 
        • Avoid small clips and rubber bands to prevent choking in young children.


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