Nursing planning : Obesity

  • Nursing planning
    • Overall Goals
      • Modify eating patterns
      • Participate in a regular physical activity program
      • Achieve and maintain weight loss to a specified level
      • Minimize or prevent health problems
  • Nursing implementation
    • Obesity is one of most challenging health problems
      • Successful weight management can be both difficult and lifelong
      • Treatment begins with patients understanding their weight history and deciding on a plan that is best for them
    • An “ideal” BMI is not necessary and may not be realistic
      • Modest weight loss of 3% to 5% can have clinical benefits
      • Greater weight loss produces greater benefits
      • Average weight loss programs result in a 10% reduction of body weight
    • Explore motivation – it is key
    • Supervised plan of care should be directed toward
      • Successful weight loss
        • Requires a short-term energy deficit
      • Successful weight control
        • Requires long-term behavior changes


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