Nursing Management Substance Use

Nursing Management Substance Use

  • Nursing Assessment
    • Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT)
      • Screening for problems using standardized screening tools
      • Brief intervention or teaching about consequences of use and abuse
      • Referral for further treatment
    • Determine when substance last used
    • Assess for withdrawal
    • Notify HCP of polysubstance use
    • Mental health disorders
    • Blood work
  • Nursing Diagnosis
    • Acute confusion related to toxicity or withdrawal
    • Disturbed sensory perception related to toxicity or withdrawal
    • Risk for injury related to altered mental status
    • Ineffective health maintenance related to substance use
  • Planning
    • Overall goals
      • Normal physiologic functioning
      • Acknowledge a problem exists
      • Explain the negative effects of use
      • Abstain from substance use
      • Cooperate with treatment


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