How to Beat Heat Exhaustion and Prevent Heat Stroke

How to Beat Heat Exhaustion and Prevent Heat Stroke

Heat exhaustion pretty much comes with the territory as far as the summer is concerned and it is a condition most of us may have endured at one time or the other. The fact that the internal temperature which the body has to maintain falls within a very narrow range means that in the warmer months, one is likely to exceed this range and therefore experience heat-related illnesses. Heat-related illnesses are usually taken lightly but they can be quite serious especially in cases of heat stroke, which is the most serious form of heat injury out there. Heat stroke is usually considered a medical emergency which just goes to show how serious heat-related illnesses can get. Other forms of heat-related illnesses, for additional information purposes include heat cramps and heat exhaustion which are not as serious as heat stroke but if not taken care off, conditions may worsen and heat stroke may ensue. The good news is that there are a number of things that we can do that may enable us to beat heat exhaustion and thus prevent heat stroke from ensuing, even in the hottest of days. This article will look to delve a bit deeper into this topic and highlight some of the things to do so as to prevent heat stroke.

As is explained by the subject matter experts over at, if you are feeling thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Therefore, the very first thing to do that will help you beat heat exhaustion and thus prevent heat stroke is keeping hydrated. It is recommended that you drink enough water all throughout the day, and to ensure this happens it is advised that one carries a water bottle with them all the time. This ensures that one is able to take in water as and when they need to, which is the key in staying hydrated.  It is also very important to drink water immediately after taking part in physical activities such as exercises to ensure that your body is always close to maximum hydration. Experts also advise that folks should also ensure that they drink some water immediately after a meal or snack. What is clear, especially during the warmer months of the summers, is that it is important to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. This will ensure that you beat away heat exhaustion and thus prevent heat stroke from ensuing. You can also get hydrated by eating vegetables such as cucumbers as well as fruits such as water melons.

Another way, other than keeping hydrated through which one can be able to beat out heat exhaustion and as such prevent heat stroke is by ensuring that they wear lightweight and light-colored clothes. One should stay away from wearing colors such as black which will absorb and keep more heat. As far as clothing is concerned, the folks over at also recommend that one should also ensure they wear loose-fitting clothes to ensure that heat doesn’t build up within the body. Wearing a wide-brimmed hat is yet another way through which one can be able to prevent heat stroke. During the hot summer months when heat exhaustion and heat stroke is prevalent, if one decides to stay indoors, it is also recommended that they stay in rooms that are air-conditioned. This is practically a must if you are looking to stay indoors when the heat index is very high. For those that decide to go outdoors, which lest face it most people spend the hot months of the summer outdoors, it is important to ensure you put on sunscreen for skin protection from the sun. You should also ensure that the sunscreen has a sun protection factor of 30 or more.

While, as stated above, the temptation during the summer is to spend your time outside, it is recommended by the experts over at that if you are to beat heat exhaustion and prevent heat stroke, you should ensure that you schedule your outdoor activities for the coolest times of the day. This is usually during early morning or after sunset and in the evening. This is something that you definitely should consider during the very hot days. You should also keep an eye on your urine, and if you start to notice darker urine, then this is indicative of dehydration and as such you should get yourself hydrated as soon as possible. Other strategies that will enable you to beat out heat exhaustion and prevent heat stroke include ensuring you stay away from caffeine containing drinks as well as alcohol as these fluids usually dehydrates the body. Another strategy is by improving cross-ventilation in your house by ensuring the windows on two sides of your building are open, especially at night.

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