Halloween Safety Tips: Emergency Room Near You

Halloween Safety Tips: Emergency Room Near You

Halloween is one of the most exciting nights of the year, and not only for children, but for adults as well. The combination of dressing up as your favorite character with the eating of sweet treats is the making of a very delicious concoction that has most of us eagerly anticipating the night of Halloween every year. However, as fun as Halloween can be, there is also a flipside to all that in that it is also a night that has been known to have a scary part. This scary part has got nothing to do with ghosts, monsters and other things that go bump in the night, all of which are traditionally linked with Halloween, but it actually has to do with an increase in the number of accidents. The facts and figures say that emergency rooms all across the country usually see an increase in the number of visits on Halloween. This is not surprising given that on average children are twice as likely to get hit by a motor vehicle while out trick-or-treating as compared to any other night of the year on top of other dangers that lurk such as severe allergic reactions, injuries from Halloween props and many others. To put your mind at ease and to ensure that you and your loved ones get to enjoy Halloween this year, this article will look to highlight a number of Halloween safety tips that should be of great benefit to you as we tick ever closer to Halloween.

The first Halloween tip we have for you is that if you have kids under the age of 12 going out trick-or-treating, you should ensure that they are accompanied by an adult at all times. This could be you, or if you are not available, you can have them accompanied by another adult. Also try to walk in groups and in a familiar neighborhood especially a route where the kids in the group are familiar with to ensure safety. This is why it is recommended that you plan your route in advance, so that when the night of Halloween comes, you know exactly where you will be going through the night. Given that chances of kids getting hit by a motor vehicle double on the night of Halloween as mentioned above, the next tip we have for you is to ensure that you choose costumes and bags that are bright and easily visible as well as decorating them with reflective stickers or tape. These will ensure that your kids are easily visible to motorists from a distance as you walk in the night.

Also try and stay away from masks as these can obstruct your child’s vision, making it difficult for them to see hence increasing the chances of accidents. As an alternative, you can make use of non-toxic face paint and makeup if you are looking for face decorations. If you opt for makeup, test it first on a small patch of skin before applying it to ensure that your child won’t suffer an allergic reaction when you do apply it on their face. Remember also to have all makeup removed once the night is over and it is time for bed so as to ensure your child doesn’t sleep in makeup as this will lead to them suffering eye and skin irritation as they sleep. Speaking of allergies, it is also important to let your kids know that as they collect treats all through the night, they should not eat any of them until they get back home. This will allow you to inspect all the treats and choose the ones that they can safely eat; those without any of their known allergens. You should probably also ensure that your kids don’t consume all their candy and treats at once and that they consume them slowly over the next couple of days.

Another set of safety tips we have for you as far as Halloween is concerned is on the costumes and props. The first tip is that you should ensure that the material of the costumes, wigs and any other props is flame resistant to prevent any fire accidents. Speaking of fire, you should ensure that your Jack O’ Lantern is lit up with a flashlight, glow stick or LED light, preferably battery operated, rather than with a candle to also prevent fire accidents. Back to costumes, you should ensure that your child’s costumes properly fit them and that they are of the appropriate length as costumes that are too long increase the chances of them tripping and getting injured. You should also avoid costumes with weapons, and if you have to have them, ensure that they are made up of material that is soft and flexible. We are talking weapons like swords, wands, canes among others. Another very important Halloween safety tip is that you should ensure that your child doesn’t carve a pumpkin; you should do it for them or you should have them draw a scary face on it with a marker. You should also have the safety talk with your kids before going out trick-or-treating, reminding them of basics such as never getting into a strangers car, how to cross a road, how and when to call 911 and so forth.

Hopefully, the above safety tips will ensure that you not only have a fun-filled and wonderful Halloween this year, but a safe one too.


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