Going to an Emergency Room for Eye Related Emergencies

Going to an Emergency Room for Eye Related Emergencies

The human eyes are one of the most complex and delicate organs in the body. They are also one of the few organs that cannot be replaced. However, they are quite prone to infection, injury, and other threats. If you have been wondering what an eye emergency is, this simple guide that we at Frontline ER have prepared should help you make a decision.

Excruciating Pain

The pain can be a throbbing, burning, or stabbing pain near or inside the eye. In such a case, the pain could be caused by diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, migraine, stye, flue, or sinusitis. When this happens, the only option you have is to rest your eyes. If you often wear contacts, take them out. However, if the pain goes beyond a few hours, you should rush to the ER. Ensure that you rush to the ER if the pain sets in immediately without warning. Any pain to the eye is an indication that its delicate structures have been compromised.

Light sensitivity

In this situation, any bright light leads to excessive eye discomfort. The causes of this sensitivity could be migraines, retinal detachment, certain medication, wearing contact lenses too often, dry eye, meningitis, and corneal ulcer. In case of normal light sensitivity, there is no need to visit the ER.

However, the light sensitivity sets it suddenly due to a blow to the eye or a cut to the eye. You should also rush to the ER if the light sensitivity is present even in low light. If the light sensitivity is only mild, you should wear sunglasses and darken the room. If this appears not to work, consider visiting the ER to have the eyes checked.

Change in pupil size

This occurs when the pupils enlarge even without any light changes. In some people, this is a genetic abnormality where the pupils are not of equal size. In some other cases, this situation develops spontaneously. Besides that, using eye drops and asthma inhalers can cause the pupils to enlarge. However, they may at times just expand for no reason. When this happens, it could be a sign of a brain disorder, blood vessel rupture, or eye disease.

If you notice your pupils have enlarged a lot in the mirror, you need to rush to the ER. This could be indicative of a major physiological issue that needs to be solved fast. It is especially so if the enlarged pupils are accompanied by other symptoms such as a headache, nausea, stiff neck, or blurred vision.

A veil across the field of vision

This usually resembles a kind of shadow in your field of vision. This is usually caused by diabetic retinopathy or retinal detachment. This usually occurs when the retina tears away from the back of the eye. In such a case, you need to rush to the ER immediately to have the situation corrected. If it is not corrected, the situation could get quite bad. If the situation is not corrected, it could lead to permanent blindness.

Double vision

If you see a double image, it could result from various issues. Some of the causes of this condition are giant cell arteritis, cataracts, headaches, brain tumors, aneurysm, and strokes. It could also be caused by problems with the nerves, cornea, and muscles.

If the double vision is sudden and accompanied by some kind of pain in the eyes, it is prudent to visit the ER. Besides that, if you see flashes of light, it is important to rush to the ER. This could be an indication of a major underlying situation that could be a threat to your life.

Objects in the eyes

In some cases, you might get huge objects such as wood or metal shaving lodged in your eye. In such a situation, you should never attempt to remove the objects yourself. Rush to the ER, where they can use specialized equipment to dislodge the objects. Besides that, if the removal of the object goes wrong, the doctors will have the right equipment to ensure you do not lose the eye.

Bleeding around the eyes

In some cases, bleeding may start suddenly in and around the eye for seemingly no reason. This is an indication that you may have a viral infection. Besides that, it could also indicate that you have been involved in an injury and you were not aware of it. In any case, the only remedy for a bleeding eye is to rush to the ER.

Why come to Frontline ER

At Frontline ER, we deal with a number of eye emergencies daily. Whether you have a physical object in your eye or a chemical spills in your eye, we will have a solution for you. Our aim is to ensure that your eye, one of the most delicate organs, is saved. We want to ensure that you do not have to go through the rest of your life blind.


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