How to Find an Emergency Room for Migraines

How to Find an Emergency Room for Migraines

Headache patients are one of the most common patients that visit the emergency room. Some of them are there due to chronic headaches or due to migraines that simply will not go away. If you have a sudden severe headache that causes weakness, numbness, visual loss, or any unusual symptoms you need to be checked by a doctor as this might be a sign of a serious condition. For most migraine patients, an ER visit due to a migraine happens after a period of a severe headache that lasts days or weeks. Most patients reach a point where they can’t take the headache anymore and head to the ER.

Why ER Is the Worst Place for Migraine Patients

However, there is an ongoing stigma associated with migraine ER patient. Most of these patients do not receive the attention they deserve in ER. Most migraine patients are greeted with hostility instead of compassion. Most patients will confess they have been treated disdainfully at the ER and some doctors will assume they are exaggerating their symptoms. Since the migraine pain is invisible, some patients are asked numerous questions that might not be related to their situations. Many have been accused of being drug seekers.

Further, migraine patients are treated to a long wait when they arrive at the emergency room.  Unfortunately, migraine is often treated to be a less serious problem compared to other conditions such as gunshot wounds or heart attack and thus as a patient you might have to wait longer.

The ER waiting room is yet another place that does not make matters better for migraine patients. Most ER waiting rooms are noisy, too bright, and have different smells and beeps that make a pulsating headache even worse.

When the migraine patient finally gets to be examined by the doctor, he or she might not be able to give coherent answers due to migraine fog. The patient might sound drunk or appear dazed and many doctors often suspect that the patient might be pretending to be unwell or even a drug addict. It is common for ER doctors to give migraine patients pain relief medications and send them home. Most patients have confessed that such medications do not help at all.

How Do I Find The Best Emergency Room For My Migraine?

If you often suffer from migraines, finding the right emergency room can help you get the support and treatment you need as a migraine is a disabling illness like any other serious condition. In this article, we explain a few factors to consider when choosing the best emergency room for your migraine.

  • Staffing

This is an important thing to consider. When you visit the ER, you want it to be well staffed and have qualified staff that understand your condition. This is most likely to reduce your waiting time and the staff will understand that your migraine is a serious condition. Additionally, no one will think or assume you are pretending.

  • Equipment

The best ER should be well equipped with modern equipment and technology. Without such services the ER will not offer you quality service, they will most likely send you home with some painkillers.

  • Experience and reputation

You need to know how long the ER has been in operation. You also need to avoid ERs that have had cases of negligence or places other migraine patients have complained about. Research on the reputation of the ER you wish to visit and ensure the facility has a past clean record.

  • Scope of services

Another essential thing to consider is the scope of services the ER offers. Some ERs might not have ambulance services while some might not be able to handle all medical emergencies. You might want to consider these factors, as you never know what the cause of your migraine might be. It is only fair that you be prepared for anything.

Why Visit Frontline ER for Your Migraine

Frontline ER is a state of the art emergency room facility located in Richmond and Dallas Texas. It offers 24/7 ER services. Below are other reasons why you consider this top-notch facility next time you suffer from a migraine

  • No waiting time

One of the worst things that can happen to a migraine patient is lack of immediate care and being kept in the noisy and smelly waiting room for hours. At Frontline ER, you will not have to wait, as we are well equipped with enough staff who will treat your migraine with almost zero waiting time.

  • High-quality equipment

The ER facility is well equipped with state of the art technology and equipment that will offer a range of services when you are suffering from a migraine. This is not the place we give a few painkillers for your migraine. We will examine you to get to the root of the problem and only let you go home when we are sure you are feeling better.

  • Emergency-trained and experienced staff

Our highly experienced and trained staff will ensure you have prompt care for your migraine. Our board-certified specialists have also dealt with migraine patients before and they will treat your migraine with the seriousness it deserves.

If you are suffering from a migraine and you want to avoid the long queues and the unnecessary waiting time common in other ER facilities, visit Frontline ER. Our board-certified specialists and experienced staff will take care of you and ensure you have relief.


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