How to Find an Emergency Room for Dental 

How to Find an Emergency Room for Dental 

Hospital and freestanding emergency rooms have seen an increase of patients visiting them with routine oral care problems. Currently, emergency rooms in the US receive more than 2.1 million patients suffering from dental pain annually.

These visits contribute to overcrowding and increased wait time for patients who are in need of care that is more urgent. Hospital emergency rooms do not always have a dentist on staff and most patients are given antibiotics and painkillers. The ER doctor may then advise you to set up an appointment with your dentists.

When should I visit the ER if I have a dental problem?

It is essential to know when a dental problem warrants a visit to the ER and when the problem can wait until you make an appointment with your dentist. Below are a few dental problems that may warrant a trip to the ER:

  • A Toothache

This is the number one dental emergency complaint. The painful tooth might be an indication of an abscess or an infection. You can rinse out the mouth with warm salty water to clean the area. You can also place a cold compressor on the cheek near your tooth as you wait for emergency care.

  • Chipped or broken tooth

This is the second most common reason why dental patients visit the emergency room. If your tooth is broken find it or look for the tooth fragments before heading to the ER. Again, clean the injured area with warm water and place a cold washcloth over the injured tooth.

  • Loss of a permanent tooth

Sometimes an injury can result in the loss of a permanent tooth. You should find the tooth as soon as possible. Take the tooth by the crown and attempt to place it at the tooth’s socket in your mouth. You might need to hold it in place. If you cannot put it in place, put the tooth in a cup of fresh milk or your own saliva to preserve it before visiting the ER.

  • Injury in your mouth

A serious injury in your mouth will warrant a trip to the ER. If the injury affects your jaw, you might have a distorted jawline. In such a situation, do not try to move your face.

  • Lost fillings or crown

Dental work can last for many years but in some situations, you might suffer from a loose crown or fillings. Ensure you find the missing part before rushing to the ER

  • Abscess

An abscess is an extremely painful condition. It means that you have an infected tooth and the infection has reached the tooth root or the nerve. The kind of pain from an abscess will warrant you to visit the ER. The visit is important as the doctor can preserve some of the tissues that might not be infected. The only thing you can do on your way to the ER is to rinse the area with warm salty water to keep it clean.

  • Broken braces

If your braces are broken you might have wires poking into the interior of your mouth. The wires need to be covered as soon as possible. You can buy dental wax for such occasions. Take a ball of wax, roll it up in your fingers, and place it over the top of the wire poking into your mouth’s skin. You can then visit the ER for further treatment.

Is a dental ER visit preventable?

Injuries and accidents do happen but it is also true that most dental problems are preventable. This can be achieved with routine dentist checkups and proper oral care. Recreational and sports injuries can be avoided if the players wear the proper headgear and mouth guards.

Additionally, attending regular dental checkups is important to ensure detection of oral problems early and to ensure they are treated before they get out of hand. The dentist will also teach you how to take care of your teeth to prevent serious oral problems in the future.

How do I find an emergency room for my dental problem?

Getting an emergency room for your dental problem can be difficult. Most dentists do not work after hours while many hospital ERs do not have a dentist in site. However, here are a few tips you can use to find a dentist in case of emergency dental problems.

  1. Visit emergency dentist

This online site provides you with the contacts of emergency dentists in your location. You can search for an emergency dentist by selecting the state or city near you. The site will then provide the names and contacts of emergency dentists near you. The site also has a national wide hotline that patients can call to find an emergency 24 dentist near them.

  1. Call your dentist office

A dental office is a more suitable place to get dental emergency care than a hospital-based ER. Some dentist offices are kind enough to set up a quick appointment as most dentists leave a few slots for such emergencies. Even if you are aware the office is closed just call the office number. The answering machine might offer an emergency number or give you instructions on how you can reach the dentist in case of an emergency.

  1. Visit Frontline ER

At Frontline ER, our qualified doctors can determine if your injury can wait until you visit a dentist. Additionally, we will provide you with medication that will help relieve pain and other symptoms.

At Frontline ER, we collaborate with some emergency dental offices and we will refer you to these facilities to ensure you receive the best care in case of a dental emergency. Our caring staff will ensure that they refer you to experienced and board-certified dentists who offer emergency care 24 hours.


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