Emergency Room: When to Go to an ER for Car Wreck: Headaches

Emergency Room: When to Go to an ER for Car Wreck: Headaches

When people think about car wrecks and accidents, some of the injuries that come to mind include fractures, cuts and gushes and neck and back injuries, which are all discussed over at the highly rated frontlineer.com. However, in reality, headaches should also be mentioned in the same breath as some of the aforementioned injuries. This is because most of those who have been involved in a car wreck will tell you that among the aches and pains which they experienced afterwards was a headache. As per the gurus over at frontlineer.com, headaches following car wrecks are more common than you may think. However, just because a headache is common after an accident doesn’t mean that it is normal and that you should take such a situation lightly. Just because you don’t see blood, deformity or a bad wound doesn’t mean that headaches following a car wreck should be taken lightly. This is because, headaches following a car wreck may be a sign of something more sinister and not just the stress of a car accident like most people tend to think. To that effect, this article, with the help of the subject matter experts over at frontlineer.com, will look to highlight when you should go to an ER for headaches following a car wreck.

One of the reasons why you should go to an ER for headaches following a car wreck is due to the fact that it may be a sign of a concussion. A severe concussion, especially one suffered during a serious trauma such as a car wreck, should always result in a visit to an ER like the highly rated frontlineer.com. A clear red flag as far as concussion goes is if you lose consciousness after the hit to the head, which is definitely a sign of a severe concussion, and should always lead to a visit to an ER. A loss of consciousness due to concussion is usually momentary where one is knocked out but regains consciousness moments later. However, you may not always suffer a loss of consciousness when suffering a severe concussion which is why it is important to know the red flags to look out for in such a situation. Here, as covered in detail over at the excellent frontlineer.com, some of these red flags to look out for include severe confusion, memory loss of the car wreck, severe headache, nausea and vomiting, slurred speech as well as issues with your vision. If you are experiencing any of the signs of a concussion, you should head over to an ER as soon as possible.

A headache after a car wreck however is not always only a sign of a concussion as there are other serious injuries that may have the same symptom. For instance, you are also likely to suffer a skull fracture after a serious accident such as a car wreck which could be why you are experiencing a headache after. A skull fracture obviously is a serious injury requiring an immediate visit to an ER, such as the excellent frontlineer.com, due to the potential of injury to the brain, which the skull serves to protect. On top of that, in most cases, a skull fracture is accompanied by internal bleeding which could also lead to injuries to the brain that can be permanent, and even lead to death. In addition, a piece of bone may break off from the skull and pierce your brain which is definitely pretty serious. The skull is obviously pretty strong and as such it takes quite the force to lead to a fracture; car wrecks however can be quite forceful and as such the risk of a fractured skull is quite high. Symptoms of a skull fracture include a severe headache, bleeding from the ears, nostrils and around the eyes, severe bruising on the scalp or face, swelling and tenderness as well as a dent or depression on the head as per the gurus over at frontlineer.com. A skull fracture should always be taken very seriously.

Another reason behind headaches after a car wreck, one that may be quite surprising, is hypertension or high blood pressure. As per the gurus over at frontlineer.com, many people experience a high spike in blood pressure following a car wreck, which will lead to blood pressure building up in the head which will consequently lead to a severe headache. If your headache is due to high blood pressure, then it won’t be relieved by over-the-counter pain relievers such as the ever-popular aspirin. As per the subject matter experts over at frontlineer.com, headaches due to high blood pressure should always be taken seriously as this is a dangerous situation that could also lead to other serious complications if not attended to as soon as possible by going to an ER. Other than a severe headache, hypertension can also cause blurred vision, nausea and even vomiting as well as chest pain; which are other signs that should also mean that you need to go to an ER as soon as possible.

As always, there is more on this and other related topics to be found over at the highly rated frontlineer.com, which is also the best place to go to for the above discussed situations.


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