Eating Healthy When You’re a New Mom: 10 Tips

Eating Healthy When You’re a New Mom: 10 Tips

As a new mom, one of the first thing that usually comes to mind immediately after giving birth is how one can get rid of the pregnancy weight. Most new moms usually become very conscious about this and look to find ways through which they can get rid of this as quickly as they can. However, even more important for new moms as far as eating healthy is concerned, is eating the right type of foods that will provide you with the energy and nutrients for both themselves and the babies, especially for those who are nursing. All the responsibilities that come with being a new mom can be quite challenging and definitely very energy sapping, and as such you need to eat healthy so that you can be able to have the right amount of energy to deal with everything that will come your way. As far as healthy eating is concerned, this article will look to highlight 10 tips that any new mom out there should keep in mind, especially in terms of what to eat.

Most experts recommend that new moms ensure that they incorporate salmon into their diet as much as possible. This is because it has lots of nutritional benefits to offer to new moms, especially since it has DHA in abundance, which is crucial when it comes to the development of your baby’s nervous system, making something of a must-have for new moms who are nursing. However, it should be taken in moderation, with the FDA recommending an average of 12 ounces per week as the recommended amount.

Another tip for new moms as far as eating healthy goes, with this one sticking with matters fish, is that one should ensure they stay away from some certain types of fish. The subject matter experts over at are adamant that new moms should stay away from fish such as swordfish, shark, tilefish as well as mackerel as they are pretty high in mercury, which is a toxin that is definitely harmful to your baby.

Another tip for new moms out there as far as eating healthy goes is to ensure they incorporate low-fat dairy products into their diet. These include milk, cheese, yogurt among others, all of which are key when it comes to breastfeeding as they are a great source of vitamin D, B vitamins, calcium as well as protein.

The subject matter experts over at also recommend that new moms ensure they partake in some Lean beef, as our next tip, for iron and energy. Given that new moms are encouraged to eat extra protein; lean beef is a great way to help them achieve this as well as being a great source of vitamin B-12.

Our next tip as far as eating healthy for ne moms is concerned is ensuring that you incorporate leafy greens into your diet. This is very important since leafy greens such as spinach, broccoli among others are rich in vitamin A, which is great for both you and your baby, as well as being excellent sources for calcium and vitamin C.

Another tip for new moms when it comes to eating healthy that is worth mentioning is that they should ensure they add oranges and other citrus fruits to the diet. This, as is covered in detail over at, is because they are great in vitamin C making them great for breastfeeding women. This makes them great snacks to partake as you go about your day.

Speaking of fruit, another tip that is worth mentioning is that new moms should ensure they get two or more servings of fruit or juice daily, over and above the aforementioned oranges. This is because they have lots of nutritional benefits as well as being great and healthier options as far as snacks for new moms are concerned.

As mentioned earlier, new moms may be looking to lose some baby weight, but even though that may be the case, one should resist the urge to cut back on the amount of food they eat. The folks over at recommend that the amount of calories needed for new moms is something between 1,800 and 2,200 calories per day, with an extra 500 required for those that are breastfeeding. It is recommended you wait for your doctor to give you the green light to exercise, as means of losing weight, as opposed to eating less, as this would have a negative impact on your baby.

Another tip as far as healthy eating for new moms is concerned has to do with the types of things to avoid. As a new mom, it is important you stay away from alcohol and cut back on caffeine, which includes coffee and soda as they can have a negative impact on your baby, with caffeine having the effect of affecting your baby’s sleep.

Another tip for new moms as far as eating healthy goes is to ensure that they stay hydrated, especially since breastfeeding can lead to dehydration if one is not careful. One should ensure they drink enough water to ensure that their milk production stays as high as it should.

The above are 10 tips that new moms need to keep in mind as far as eating healthy is concerned ,with more on this and other related topics to be found over at


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