Coronary revascularization: PCI – Coronary revascularization: CABG

  • Coronary revascularization: PCI
    • Monitor for recurrent angina
    • Frequent VS, including cardiac rhythm
    • Monitor catheter insertion site for bleeding
    • Neurovascular assessment
    • Bed rest per institutional policy
  • Coronary revascularization: CABG
    • ICU for first 24–36 hours
    • Pulmonary artery catheter
    • Intra-arterial line
    • Pleural/mediastinal chest tubes
    • Continuous ECG
    • ET tube with mechanical ventilation
    • Epicardial pacing wires
    • Urinary catheter
    • NG tube
  • Ambulatory Care
    • Resumption of sexual activity
      • Teach when discuss other physical activity
      • Erectile dysfunction drugs contraindicated with nitrates
      • Prophylactic nitrates before sexual activity
      • When to avoid sex
      • Typically 7–10 days post MI or when patient can climb two flights of stairs
  • Evaluation
    • Stable vital signs
    • Relief of pain
    • Decreased anxiety
    • Realistic program of activity
    • Effective management of therapeutic regimen


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