Complications : TB


  • Miliary TB
    • Large numbers of organisms spread via the bloodstream to distant organs
    • Fatal if untreated
    • Manifestations progress slowly and vary depending on which organs are infected
    • Fever, cough, and lymphadenopathy occur
    • Can include hepatomegaly and splenomegaly
  • Pleural TB
    • Chest pain, fever, cough, and a unilateral pleural effusion are common
    • Pleural effusion
      • Bacteria in pleural space cause inflammation.
      • Pleural exudates of protein-rich fluid
    • Empyema
      • Large numbers of tubercular organisms in pleural space
  • TB pneumonia
    • Large amounts of bacilli discharged from granulomas into lung or lymph nodes
    • Manifests as bacterial pneumonia
  • Other organ development
    • Spinal destruction
    • Bacterial meningitis
    • Peritonitis


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