The Most Common Reasons for Back Pain

The Most Common Reasons for Back Pain

Millions of people in the US complain of ongoing back pain. Sometimes it gets so bad that they have to visit Frontline ER. Back pain is the leading cause of disability in those aged 45 and younger. However, there is no single cause of back pain. It would be impossible for us at Frontline ER to detail every single cause of back pain. However, these are the most common.

Weight Gain

If you have too much on your frame, it will place constant pressure on your spine and the muscles that support it. The extra weight, especially in the midsection will shift your posture and cause back pain. Dropping extra pound can help to relieve this pressure.

Lack of Exercise

Leading a sedentary life is one of the major causes of back pain. Lack of movement causes your back muscles to become stiff and sore. If you exercise often, it will strengthen the abdominal and back muscles that support your spine, thus making it more comfortable to hold up the spinal column. It will help to help lessen pain. Speak to your doctor to find out which exercise will help you. Doing the wrong exercises without medical advice could send you to Frontline ER.

Bad Posture

In the era of long commutes and electronic devices, shoulders tend to slouch, and the head protrudes forward instead of being in alignment over the shoulders and hips. This misalignment places pressure on the spinal column. Consider getting a standing desk if you have to sit for long hours.  You can also work on pulling the shoulder blades together when you find yourself slumping. Improving your posture is the first step to helping you lessen back pain.

Lousy Mattress and Bad Sleeping Habits

A worn out mattress can increase pressure to specific sections of your spin. If this is the case, consider getting a new mattress. However, most back problems are because of your sleeping position. When you sleep, consider using a pillow for better support.

For instance, if you sleep on your side, place a pillow between the knees to maintain the natural curve of your spine. Place a pillow under the knees to alleviate pressure if you sleep on your back. If you sleep on your stomach, consider placing a pillow under the pelvis.

The Wrong Shoes

If the shoes you wear do not offer enough support, they force the feet to be in an unnatural position. Wrong shoes can affect support for the spinal column and lead to pain in the feet and back. Sometimes the pain can be so severe that you need to rush to Frontline ER.

Avoid wearing high heeled shoes for long hours. It places the foot in unnatural position and impacts all the muscles and ligaments leading up to your back. Besides that, they affect weight distribution. If you already suffer from back pain, ensure that you pick shoes, which offer the right heel and arch support.

You Handbag or Backpack

The weightier your handbag or backpack, the more the strain it places on your back. Besides that, it shifts the back from its natural position. Ensure that you carry as little as you can on your back and shoulders. If possible, take a small purse with you. If you have a backpack, do not hang it on one shoulder, ensure the weight is distributed equally on both shoulders. For long trips, get a rolling bag.


Smoking is a significant cause of back pain; the nicotine will affect blood flow and circulation to your back. It will also inhibit the body’s ability to absorb calcium. Both of these issues can lead to the premature aging of your spine. Stop smoking to avoid back problems and many other problems later.

Depression and Stress

When you are depressed, or you have anxiety, the body releases cortisol, which causes your back muscles to tense. Besides that, it leads to the accumulation of belly fat which can result in weight gain. Gaining weight can cause the pain to shift out of position. Treat depression and practice exercises that alleviate stress to help you avoid back pain.

Trauma or Injury

Anything that causes a sudden jolt or impact such as vehicle accident can affect your spine muscles. That is why you will need to visit Frontline ER after a car crash. It is important to take images to determine if there are any unseen injuries. Some of the injuries can develop over months or years. Thus, visit a medical facility after an accident, even if you do not have any wounds.

Genetic Conditions

In some cases, genetic or degenerative reasons can cause back pains. For instance, you might have had slight scoliosis, spinal stenosis, herniated discs, and other conditions. These conditions will require some extraordinary medical intervention.


The best way to treat back pain is to seek expert advice. Back pain can be alleviated or get the full treatment.


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