Common Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries and When to Go to the Emergency Room

Common Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries and When to Go to the Emergency Room

There has been a very concerted effort to improve vehicle safety from safety awareness campaigns to crackdowns on reckless driving. Car companies have also been ramping up on safety features with every new release of their cars, having realized that folks now prefer to buy a car that is safe over a car that is flashy with flashy specs. However, with all this, motor vehicle accidents continue to be a major thorn in the sides of Americans as well as globally. This is because motor vehicle accidents continue to add to their list of physical injuries and even death, with stats showing that up to 10% of all the visits to the emergency room due to injuries are as a result of motor vehicle accidents. This is a significant number considering we don’t spend a lot of time in motor vehicles except on the odd time we are traveling long-distance on the road. Chances are you either know someone or it is you yourself who has been involved in a motor vehicle accident. Such accidents usually vary in severity and as such can lead to various injuries. Having said that however, there are certain motor vehicle accidents that are quite common and this article will look to highlight some of them as well as when you should go to an emergency room in such a situation, with the highly regarded being one of the best places out there to head to.

One of the most common motor vehicle accident injuries are neck and back injuries. This is because most motor vehicle injuries lead to one suffering from what is referred to as whiplash which is basically sudden movement of the neck and head, which can lead to serious neck muscle and ligament damage. Whiplash is common as most motor vehicle accidents are as a result of someone getting rear-ended. Other than the injuries due to whiplash, other injuries to the neck and back one can suffer as a result of a motor vehicle accident include spinal cord damage, sprains, strains as well as herniated discs. Other than excruciating pain in the neck or back area, other signs that you may have suffered a neck or back injury include paralysis either partial or full, numbness, neurological symptoms such as vision difficulties among others. such injuries should always be evaluated at an emergency room, such as the highly regarded, as they are very serious. Other common motor vehicle accident injuries include contusions and open wounds. Contusions are bruises you may suffer, but without breaking the skin while open wounds are lacerations which are mostly caused by glass shattering and causing the cuts. In such situations, if the cuts are extensive or deep or if you are experiencing severe bleeding which you can’t seem to stem, then you should head over to an emergency room as soon as possible.

Trauma affecting the chest is yet another common motor vehicle accident injury. It is easy to see why this is the case as during an accident you may be jerked forward and end up hitting the steering wheel. These injuries usually cause serious issues such as collapsed lungs, broken ribs. Internal bleeding in the chest area especially the lungs, ruptures and damage to internal organs, injuries to the pelvis, and so much more. due to the serious nature of chest injuries and the fact that they are usually accompanied by internal injuries, you should call 911 and be taken to an emergency room for them, as per the subject matter experts over at Bone fractures are also yet another of the common motor vehicle injuries folks suffer. The impact one suffers during motor vehicle accidents is usually too much for bones in the body to withstand leading to fractures of the impacted bones. These injuries are usually seen in horrific motor vehicle accidents such as pile-on accidents involving multiple cars as well as serious accidents involving rolling of the car. Such injuries should also be evaluated in an emergency room especially cases of open fractures and complex fractures.

Head injuries are also quite common as far as motor vehicle accident injuries are concerned as one is likely to strike their head on the steering wheel, window, the sit in front, dashboards among others. This can lead to one suffering from concussions and other traumatic brain injuries, laceration to the face and head, skull fractures, injuries to the bran among others. These injuries should always be evaluated at an emergency room, such as the highly regarded due to the fact that they involve the brain. Burns are also among the common motor vehicle accident injuries. These can be chemical burns from spilled chemicals from the car engine area especially as well as thermal burns which may be as a result of fires starting after the accident. Such burns can vary in severity from minor ones to ones that are severe. Severe burns should be evaluated at an emergency room.

Remember, as per the subject matter experts over at, it is usually recommended that if you suffer a motor vehicle accident, then you should call 911 to be taken to an emergency room rather than taking yourself there as you may have internal injuries.


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