Chemical Exposure Symptoms and Conditions We Treat at

Chemical Exposure Symptoms and Conditions We Treat at

Although chemical exposure is something we usually try to avoid, it is something that can happen at any time especially when we consider that we deal with chemical substances a lot of the time both at work and at home. Some of the chemicals we are exposed to include bleach when we are doing our laundry, ammonia, carbon monoxide and other chemicals such as acids which we may interact with at our work places especially for those who work at chemical industries. Chemicals such as carbon monoxide and ammonia are usually not dangerous in small doses, but become very dangerous and can even cause death in high concentrations. The fact that chemicals can either be solids, liquids or gasses also means that there are many potentially harmful chemicals we can and we do interact with during our daily activities at home or at work. This variety as far as chemicals go also means that chemical exposure can affect the body in different manner of ways, depending on the type f chemical one has been exposed to. It also means that possible any body function can be affected by chemical exposure from sight to breathing and many others. Exposure to chemicals can also lead to mild effects such as mild discomfort and coughing while other times, also depending on the type of chemical as well as concentration levels, can lead to life-threatening symptoms and conditions. This article will look to highlight the different symptoms and conditions that we over at treat as far as chemical exposure is concerned.

One of the conditions we treat as far as chemical exposure is concerned involves chemical eye burns, which is basically chemical exposure to any part of the eye or eyelid. Chemical eye injuries may occur at home from cleaning products and other regular household products or may occur at work, especially for those people who handle chemicals at work. While work places have strict regulations and protocols which include wearing protective gear to prevent chemical eye exposure, accidents do happen still. Chemical eye burns are usually due to acid burns, alkali burns and irritants which is mostly through household detergents and pepper spray. Some of the symptoms as far as chemical eye buns are concerned include pain, redness, irritation, tearing in the aye as well as an inability to keep the affected eye open, swelling of the eyelids and a sensation that there is something in the eye. Other red flags to look out for include blurred vision or even complete loss of vision in severe cases. If you are presenting with any of the above symptoms, then give us a visit as soon as possible for treatment on the same.

Another condition as far as chemical exposure is concerned that we do treat involves chemical burns. This are burns on the skin that are caused through exposure to corrosive chemicals such as strong acids, bases as well as other chemicals both domestic and otherwise such as drain cleaners, paint thinners, gasoline and many others. When you suffer a chemical burn, you should visit us as soon as possible for treatment if the burn wound is deep or if it is extensive and covers an area that is larger than 3 inches in diameter. You should also visit us for treatment as soon as possible if the chemical burn is on or near a sensitive part of the body such as the hands, feet, major joints such as the knee, buttocks, face and the groin for obvious reasons, especially considering the consequences of permanent damage to these parts of the body. Another set of symptoms that we treat as far as chemical exposure is concerned are those that lead to breathing problems. Breathing problems due to chemical exposure is usually caused by inhalation of toxic chemicals and in such situations one should visit us as soon as possible so that you can be assessed and treated.

Speaking of symptoms and conditions we treat as far as chemical exposure is concerned, paralysis is yet another symptom we do treat as far as this is concerned. Serious cases of chemical exposure can lead to one being unable to move either part of their body or even the entire body. This is exactly the sort of situation that should be taken seriously and one we do treat hence if one is presenting with this symptom, you should have them brought to us as soon as possible for treatment. Another symptom that we treat as far as chemical exposure goes is loss of consciousness which can be as a result of exposure to certain toxic chemicals such as hydrogen sulfide. In such a situation, you should have the affected person brought to us as soon as possible for treatment. Another condition that we de treat in relation to chemical exposure is ammonia poisoning. This occurs when one breathes in ammonia or touches or ingests products containing large amounts of ammonia. Some of the symptoms to look out for include stomach pain, vomiting, breathing difficulties, chest pain and many others. If one presents with any of these symptoms, they should give us a visit as soon as possible to be treated.

The above are some of the chemical exposure symptoms and conditions we treat, with more on this and other related topics to be found over at


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