Cancer: Interprofessional Care and Complications

Cancer: Interprofessional Care and Complications

Cancer treatment goals

  • Goals
    • Cure therapy
      • Surgery alone or periods of adjunctive systemic therapy
      • Timeframe to “cure” may differ according to the tumor and its characteristics
    • Control therapy
      • Initial course and maintenance therapy
    • Palliation therapy
      • Palliation goal
        • Relief or control of symptoms
        • Maintain quality of life
      • Palliative care and treatment are not mutually exclusive and can take concurrently

Personalized cancer medicine

  • Genetic information is used to customize decisions about
    • Prevention
    • Diagnosis
    • Treatment
  • Targeted therapy
    • Aims at a cancer’s specific genes or proteins that contribute to cancer growth and survival
    • Biopsy can help determine whether a tumor has the specific target
  • Pharmacogenomics
    • Study of genomic variation associated with drug responses
  • Not all types of cancer have personalized treatment options
    • Costly
    • Time-consuming
    • Not covered by insurance


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