Adolescent: Developing Identity and Abstract Thought

          • Adolescent: Developing Identity and Abstract Thought
            • Increasing Abstract Thought and Reasoning
              • Discuss why procedure is necessary or beneficial.
              • Explain long-term consequences of procedures; include information about body systems working together.
              • Realize adolescent may fear death, disability, or other potential risks.
              • Encourage questioning regarding fears, options, and alternatives.
            • Consciousness of Appearance
              • Provide privacy; describe how the body will be covered and what will be exposed.
              • Discuss how procedure may affect appearance (e.g., scar) and what can be done to minimize it.
              • Emphasize any physical benefits of procedure.
            • Concern More with Present Than With Future
              • Realize that immediate effects of procedure are more significant than future benefits.
            • Striving for Independence
              • Involve adolescent in decision making and planning (e.g., time, place, individuals present during procedure, clothing, whether they will watch procedure).
              • Impose as few restrictions as possible.
              • Explore what coping strategies have worked in the past; they may need suggestions of various techniques.
              • Accept regression to more childish methods of coping.
              • Realize that adolescents may have difficulty accepting new authority figures and may resist complying with procedures.
            • Developing Peer Relationships and Group Identity
              • Same as for school-age child but assumes even greater significance.
              • Allow adolescents to talk with other adolescents who have had the same procedure.


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