25 reasons to visit an ER for burns

25 reasons to visit an ER for burns    

There is usually no way to tell the extent of a burn as only the superficial layer is visible. The problem with this is that a burn may be serious but often underestimated which sometimes leads to huge impacts in terms of disfiguration and scarring. With respect to this, here are 25 reasons to visit an ER for burns as captured by frontlineer.com.  

Emergency care for severe wounding 

Burns require quick action within 10 minutes of the burn to avoid severe damage to the body tissues. At an ER you can be sure to get emergency care for severe wounding.  

Pain control 

Burns are extremely painful and it is therefore important that you prudently seek an ER for pain control. 

Loss of sensation 

If the burn area has experienced loss of sensation including pain or touch, you should head to an emergency room to get the burn examined and the right procedures undertaken.  

Location of the burn 

The location of a burn should be a reason to visit an ER since burns on the hands, ears, face and eyes sometimes lead to permanent damage if not treated.   

Determination of degree of burn

Only a visit to an emergency room will reveal the degree of a burn and the action that needs to be taken to ensure total healing if the same. 

Confirm need for skin graft 

Some burns are extensive and sometimes require a skin graft to aid in the healing process. Confirmation of this can only be done after checking the severity and a determination made on the effect of scarring.  

Evaluate charring and white discoloration 

Depending on what caused a burn, charring and discoloration may be evident which are both signs of a severe underlying issue. As noted by frontlineer.com, a visit to an ER will arrest the condition and ensure you are treated fully. 

When there is blistering 

The degree of a burn will always impact on whether there will be blistering and as soon as blisters start to appear, it calls for a visit to an ER for emergency care. 

Size of the burn 

Larger size burns are dangerous since the mass of tissue affected is huge and this is what calls for professional medical care and treatment to avoid pain and discomfort.  

Identify nerve damage

Extreme burns affect the nerves and lead to damage of the same and it is only through a visit to an ER that this can be ascertained. 

Quality care follow-up

When you have burn wounds, quality care follow-up is crucial to attaining full recovery and this is why you need to visit an emergency room.  

Signs of infection 

Burns expose the inner tissues and cells and this means you become prone to infections. Renowned burn specialists including frontlineer.com therefore recommend that you visit an ER whenever you show signs of infection including redness, swelling, liquid discharge or foul odor.  

If burn is not localized 

You should definitely rush to an ER if a burn is not localized since it means the damage may be extensive and not concentrated within a focal area. 

Open skin 

A burn that exposes the skin demands that the area is dressed and treated carefully by professionals to ensure the healing process is seamless and this is an aspect best handled in an ER. 

When burn injury comes with associated trauma 

A core reason to visit an emergency room for burns is when there are associated traumas like fractures and head trauma. 

Deteriorating vitals

The problem with deteriorating vitals is that they place the body at risk of shock which is why you have to get to an emergency room. Extreme pain, change in color of visible skin and swelling form part of what you should look out for. 

Check for percentage of TBSA 

Only an ER will be equipped to check for percentage of TBSA to ascertain whether the burn is over 10% of Total Body Surface Area. 

Avoid sepsis 

All expert burn treatment centers of which frontlineer.com is one of prescribe that you should avoid sepsis at all costs. A burn injury should therefore be checked to avoid inflammation.  

When skin peels 

It is always a problem when a burn leads to peeling of the skin and this is what qualifies a visit to the emergency room to limit further hurt. 

Cleaning the wound 

An ER is well equipped when it comes to identifying the cause of the burns and cleaning the areas to avoid further hurt.  

If burn impairs function 

When a burn is limiting the use of your hands, legs, mouth or any other organ; it requires emergency medical attention. 

When skin is not blanchable 

A reason to visit an ER for burns is when the skin at the area is not blanchable which means that it does not turn white when pressed then back to red again.  

Ventilator support 

If burns have been sustained in a fire and the patient breathed hot air, ventilator support present at an ER is crucial to aid in avoiding further damage to the respiratory airway.  

Check for mottled discolorations 

It is only at an emergency room that the attending doctors can check for mottled discolorations that are a result of burn injuries. 

Examine and make recommendations 

A major reason to visit an ER according to frontlineer.com is the examinations and recommendations that are provided including referrals to dedicated burn centers or units. 


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