25 reasons to visit an ER for breathing difficulties

25 reasons to visit an ER for breathing difficulties 

Breathing complications are potentially fatal since they translate to the body not receiving the optimum oxygen needed to maintain the normal functioning. It is with this in mind that frontlineer.com has come up with these 25 reasons to visit an ER for breathing complications since they can be the difference between life and death. 

Check for exhaustion 

Overexerting can often lead to exhaustion which in turn causes breathing difficulties in some individuals. Checking into an ER will definitely help you check and ascertain if it is exhaustion causing the condition. 

Perform lung function test 

When experiencing breathing difficulties, a lung function test is important as it explains how well the lungs are functioning. An ER will ascertain whether there are blockages of the pathways.  

Check for dehydration

Many don’t know this but dehydration can actually cause breathing difficulties as the heart desperately tries to deliver the little amount of oxygen available in the blood. This can only be diagnosed at the ER.  

Test for pneumonia 

Individuals suffering from pneumonia often experience breathing difficulties and it therefore becomes important to test for the same at an ER to determine if it is the cause. 

Asthma testing 

Breathing difficulties may be related to asthma attacks and checking for the same requires a visit to the ER since it may actually be a step that saves your life. 

Diagnose flares in the nostrils

As reported by frontlineer.com, flares in the nostrils can actually cause breathing difficulties and diagnosing them is a process effectively done at an ER with all the necessary equipment.  

Perform an oxygen test 

Checking pulse oximetry to find out how much oxygen is in the blood is a process best captured when you visit an ER whenever breathing difficulties arise.  

Undertake chest X-ray

An ER visit will ensure you are taken through the tests that include a chest X-ray to identify any signs of heart or lung problems. 

Perform electrocardiography 

With a visit to the ER, you will be in a position to undergo electrocardiography which is a process that checks on electrical pulses to determine impaired blood flow that may be causing breathing difficulties.  

Perform a blood test 

At the ER, you will undergo a blood test to check for enabling conditions like heart failure or anemia which may be causing breathing difficulties.  

History of collapsed lungs 

Medical experts point out that breathing difficulties that affect a person with a history of collapsed lungs should be a definite worry that should be addressed with a visit to the ER. 

Recent treatment of tuberculosis 

If you have had a recent treatment of tuberculosis and are developing breathing difficulties, this should be a major reason to visit an ER. 

Past infection with bronchitis 

A past infection with bronchitis is a red flag especially when you start having breathing difficulties and it automatically calls on you to visit the nearest ER. 

Check for low blood pressure 

Few actually know the connection between low blood pressure and the onset of breathing difficulties and this is why frontlineer.com affirms that you visit an ER.  

Get medical angle on obesity 

Obesity is a causal factor for breathing difficulties and it is crucial that you visit an ER to find the medical angle on the same. 

Get tested for hernia 

When you have breathing difficulties, an ER is the place to go to get tested for hernia and identify if it is the real cause of the condition.

Check for blood clots 

Only an ER can definitively point out a clot in your blood stream that may be causing breathing difficulties which is why you must take the step to visit one. 

Perform tests on presence of fluid around the heart 

It is only through a visit to an ER that you will have tests performed to ascertain whether there is fluid around the heart that may be causing the breathing difficulties. 

Test for infections in pulmonary function 

ER professionals are better placed to test for infections in pulmonary function which is one of the major causes of breathing difficulties. 

When multiple symptoms accompany condition 

If your breathing difficulties are accompanied by multiple other symptoms including fingertips and lips turning blue, swelling in feet and high fever; it is time to visit an ER.  

Test for carbon monoxide poisoning 

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a leading cause of breathing difficulties and the only way to positively identify this is to visit an ER and get a medical report on the same. 

Check for broken ribs 

According to frontlineer.com, broken ribs affect lung function which leads to breathing difficulties and this underlines the major reason to visit an ER. 

Perform tests on imminent heart attack 

An imminent heart attack often manifests with several symptoms with the top most being breathing difficulties. An onset of breathing complications should therefore push you to visit an ER.  

Test for allergies

Allergies may affect breathing and some individuals may not even know they have allergies until an attack happens. An onset of breathing difficulties should therefore be a pointer that you need to visit an ER.  

Check for altitude sickness

Some individuals face altitude sickness that manifests in the form of breathing difficulties. With this in mind, visiting an ER will ensure you get checked for the same.  


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