10 Ways to Control Your Blood Pressure

10 Ways to Control Your Blood Pressure

Blood pressure happens to be one of the killer complications in the modern world. Many people are found to have with the disease which is threatening their lives.

As a victim, you must be worried about what medication to take for you to bring it down. Doctors at FrontLine ER advise you that lifestyle will play a critical role in treating this illness. If you can check your blood pressure by observing the recommended lifestyle, then you might as well reduce the need for a specific medication. You can familiarize yourself with the below tips on how to lower your blood pressure for the rest of your life.

Lose Weight And Check Your Waistline

As your weight increases, so is your blood pressure. Obese people have disrupted breathing while sleeping which in turn increases their blood pressure. Weight loss is one of the effective ways to minimize blood pressure. Losing even some few pounds is a significant step towards reducing your blood pressure

In addition to losing weight, you need to check your waistline. A lot of weight around your waist increases the chances of higher blood pressure. For men, their waistlines need not exceed 100 centimeters. For ladies, anything above 89 centimeters is a risk.


Exercising on a daily basis reduces the chances of blood pressure. You need to walk for about thirty minutes daily to lower your blood pressure significantly. If you stop excising, your blood pressure can rise again. For those who have these conditions, exercising will minimize the risk of hypertension. Everybody including those who are not suffering from this condition needs to engage in jogging and strength training. However, you need to talk to a qualified doctor at FrontLine ER before developing an exercise plan.

A Healthy Diet

A diet which as a lot of whole grains, fruits and vegetables are suitable for those suffering from this condition. Also, you need to consume low-fat dairy products. Although it is not easy to check your diet, you need to avoid foods rich in animal proteins. Talk to a doctor at FrontLine ER about the best foods and stick to the prescription.

Reduce Sodium Intake

A small reduction in sodium will significantly reduce your blood pressure to manageable levels. When you go shopping, read the labels to avoid foods rich in sodium. On top of this consume less processed foods and if necessary take salt in small quantities. Instead of spices, you need to use herbs to add flavor to your diet.

Consider Reducing Your Alcohol Consumption

By taking an average of one drink daily, you will significantly reduce your blood pressure. Remember that too much alcohol puts you at a higher risk and can minimize the effectiveness of blood pressure medications.

Consider Quitting Smoking

Smoking has a lot of adverse health effects. Each cigarette you smoke increases your blood pressure. If you stop, your blood pressure can return to normal levels. Overall, quitting this behavior will reduce many diseases incusing heart disease and assure you good health. People who do not smoke tend to live longer their smoking counterparts.

Reduce Caffeine Intake

Caffeine, if taken in large quantities can increase your blood pressure. Although this issue is subject to debate, doctors at FrontLine ER still warn those suffering from high blood pressure to minimize their intake of caffeine. If you have this condition and you want to continue taking caffeine, it is good to talk to your doctor for expert advice.

Avoid Stress

A lot of tension is a significant contributor to high blood pressure. To make the matter worse, people who have anxiety tend to over-consume alcohol and engage in smoking which increases their chances of accelerating this illness. You need to take some time and find out what caused your stress. It can be finances, relationships, friends, family members and workmates among other cases. Consider how you can deal with these issues. Always avoid things that trigger stress and try appreciating other people for the little things they do to you.

Keep On Monitoring Your Blood Pressure At Home

When you do this at home, you know your levels of blood pressure. Consequently, you can make the various lifestyle and diet adjustments needed to keep your pressure at manageable levels. Blood pressure monitors are widely available. However, before purchasing them, you need to talk to the doctor.

You also need to have regular visits to your doctor at FrontLine ER. He or she will give you professional advice on how to go about the whole process.

Find Support

Ensure that you have supportive family members. Talk to them about your condition and ask for their helping hand. They can be a source of happiness for you which will, in turn, reduce stress. Additionally, they can accompany you to the gym and drive you to the doctor. Also, consider joining other supportive groups where you can easily share your feelings.


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