10 Most Common Sport Injuries

10 Most Common Sport Injuries

Many people like sports. From football, athletics, baseball, and rugby among others, they provide a chance to exercise and enjoy our hobbies. For those who do not take part in sports, they enjoy watching their champions do it. It is a unique opportunity to enjoy ourselves and meet new friends. However, sportsmen and women face some few risks in the course of engaging in sports. They are prone to getting injuries. If you participate in sports, FrontLine ER advises you what you expect next time you hit the court. Below are some the sot common sports injuries.

Knee Injuries

These are the most common injuries among the sportspeople. They account for more than half of all the injuries one is likely to encounter in sports. Additionally, they form part of more than a quarter of all implications treated by orthopedic surgeons. Knee injuries occur when the kneecap moves against the bone. As a result, the kneecap’s tissues become damaged which causes great pain. People who engage in football, volleyball, swimming, and cycling are at the highest risk of getting these injuries. When it occurs, it can take more than one month to heal. Prevention of these injuries involves low impact exercises which keep the muscles of the leg stable.

Additionally, athletes and those who engage in the various sports are advised to wear the right shoes and avoid running on concrete. Those suffering from these injuries need to rest until the doctor confirms that they are okay.

Shoulder Injury

The injuries account for close to 20% of all the injuries in sports. They happen when the shoulders dislocate or get overstrained. Some common sports which lead to these injuries include volleyball, tennis, and swimming. Some games require overhead movement and, in turn, strain the shoulder.

Elbow Injuries

Also called tennis elbow, the injuries account for close to 10% of all the sports injuries. The continuous use of the elbow primarily causes them. As a result, it creates tears in the ligaments of the elbow. A person suffering from this injury has a lot of pain inside or outside of the elbow. However, most of the people who visit FrontLine ER complain of outside injuries. The injuries are familiar to people of between thirty to sixty years of age. The injuries are not very serious and can heal by resting. However, in extreme situations, it is good to see a doctor. For one to prevent this injury, it is good to engage in a strengthening exercise.

Hamstring Strain

It is the damage to the tree muscles behind the knee which make the hamstring. When the athlete overstretches them, they tend to pull out of their location. As a result, they tear causing a lot of pain. People who engage in athletics and water-skiing are at the highest risk of getting this injury. Flexibility and a lot of warm-up exercises are required to make these muscles strong and prevent them from pulling out. It is always good to stop when tired. The injuries can take up to one year to heal.


It is an intense pain that emanates from the back all the way to the legs. Mostly athletes who engage in cycling, tennis, and golf are the principal victims and is due to improper stretching. They require immediate medical attention at FrontLine ER since they can damage a lot of tissues.

Shin Splints

A shin splint is an excessive pain on the front of the leg. It mainly affects runners or people who have suddenly started exercising. Additionally, the injury can be caused by broken bones on the leg. It is good for people to wear the right shoes and exercise within their limits. If this pain persists, athletes need to see a medical doctor to ensure that they do not have a fracture in their bones.

Groin Pull

A groin pull is a damage to the inner thigh muscles. The muscles pull the legs together and are damaged when the athletes engage in vigorous exercise. Playing football and baseball increases the chance of an individual getting these injuries. You need to engage in proper stretching. They take around two weeks to heal. However, if the pain persists and swelling occurs, it is always advisable to see a doctor at FrontLine ER for the correct medication.


It is the damage to the brain when there is a significant hit to the head. It can lead to nausea and dizziness. Boxers and footballers are at risk of getting this injury. Multiple concussions can damage the brain. Concussions require the attention of a qualified doctor as soon as possible.

ACL Tear

It happens when there is damage to the ligament which connects the leg bone to the knee. A hard impact on the knee causes the tear.  It is a severe injury which might require surgery at FrontLine ER and consequently cuts short her carer if an athlete. It needs immediate medical attention.

Hip Flexor Strain

It occurs when the muscles which assist in the upward movement of the leg are damaged or overstretched. It is a common problem to footballers and causes a lot of pain on the whole leg.


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