10 Steps for Better Men’s Health

10 Steps for Better Men’s Health

Small lifestyle changes can have a dramatic change in your health. They can reduce the risk of any medical emergencies that might require a visit to an ER such as Frontline ER. In most places around the world, men tend to live shorter live on average by about five years compared to women. Thus, if you wish to avoid any emergency visit to Frontline ER, you should follow these steps to help you boost your health.

Do Not Be Over Confident

Most men are over-confident about how healthy they ate. Optimism is okay, but complacency is not acceptable when it comes to your health. Besides that, men are less likely to consult a doctor when they have a medical issue. If you feel bad, do not ignore it. Come to Frontline ER, and you have the problem sorted out.

Do Not Grin And Bear The Pain

Many men are likely to try to wage through the pain and ignore signals, even when it is clear they need to visit Frontline ER. Various studies have shown that men are usually slow to acknowledge signs of ill health. It is for this reason men do not do well after being diagnosed with a medical issue. They will continue ignoring it until it is too late.

Reduce The Beer Intake

Men far out-compete women in drinking beer. While taking a bit of beer is okay, moderation is essential. Estimates show that four in ten men drink more alcohol than the recommended daily dose.

However, the trend toward mindful drinking is becoming popular. Mindfulness training can be useful in helping to reduce alcohol intake. It will entail keeping track of how much alcohol you take. Besides that, you should choose high-quality drinks and learn to savor them and stop before the tipping when you might lose self-control.

Get Out Of Your Chair

Modern life means people spend vast amounts of time sitting. It is for this reason that about 45% of men do not get enough exercise. The WHO estimates that this is the cause of 5% of all death globally. While you might not have time for the gym, you can turn your world into a gym. For instance, walk to work or ride a bicycle to work. You can also do lunges or pushups in the morning as you prepare your coffee.

Avoid Loneliness

A recent study found that men in the western world are dying of loneliness. One in eight men says they have no friends with whom to discuss relevant topics. In those 65-69, the figure reaches one in four. Some studies show that loneliness is as dangerous as smoking. It leads to depression, dementia, and mortality.

Join A Men Group Activity

In the UK, these are known as men shed. A place where men meet to connect with peers through skills, events, and relaxed conversations. All men should find a place where they can join a group that offers trust and respect. For instance, you can become a member of a local golf club. You might also decide to volunteer at a local charity, where you get to interact with the community.

Quit Smoking

Just like drinking, men generally smoke much more than women do. Studies have shown that there is a death every five minutes from tobacco. Smoking causes lung cancer, bronchitis, strokes, stomach ulcers, gangrene, leukemia, and many other diseases and illnesses.

Besides that, it worsens chest pain, cold, and allergies such as hay fever. It also causes bad breath, hair loss, and wrinkling. Smoking will also lead to erectile dysfunction and fertility issues. If you cannot quit on your own, various programs can assist you with the matter.

Get Some Sunscreen

Skin melanoma is increasing in men faster than in women. While this might not require a visit to Frontline ER, it will adversely affect your health. Most male melanoma patients usually discover the problem when it’s too late. It is because men are less likely to wear sunscreen or cover the bodies in large hats and clothes with an SP factor.

Tackle Stress At Your Job

Men with a pre-existing health issue are going to be affected a lot by job-related stress. For instance, if they have had a stroke in the past, they are 68% more likely to die due to work stress. However, the same study found women were less likely to die. The key is to get into stress management programs for men. Bottling up stress is not healthy at all.

Do Not Be Affected By Stigma

The suicide rate has been on the rise in recent years. Men are more likely to commit suicide compared to women by a considerable margin. About one in four people will deal with mental health issues at some point in their lives. The studies also show that those who get help for their mental problems recover fully. As a man, you should not feel ashamed about seeking help for mental issues.


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