10 Reasons to go to the emergency room for bites and insect stings

Insect bites, stings and rashes resulting from bug bites, are very common in America. Such cases actually make up more than 20% of all the reported emergencies in emergency rooms in the country. Unfortunately, only about 50% of all bites, stings and rashes are reported, the other half choose to toughen up and see out the effects of the bites.

In America, the insects that sting include midges, fleas, hornets, bedbugs and other bugs such as spiders, mosquitoes, bees, wasps and hornets. Some of these bugs have relatively harmless stings and bites while others are laden with venomous stings which is potentially lethal.

It is therefore very important to ensure that you report any insect bite/sting to the nearest emergency room because you can never be too sure about the effects of the sting/bite. Here at Frontline emergency room, we understand that bites and stings have the potential to even cause death and therefore advise our patients to report any sting or bite to us immediately. Here are some of the reasons to go to the emergency room for bites, stings and rashes;

10 Reasons to go to the emergency room for bites, stings and rashes

Stings are very painful

Some bites and stings are very painful. Stings especially from bees, hornets and wasps, are very painful and will make your day hell. To ease the pain, you will need to visit the nearest emergency room and get appropriate medical care.

Some stings cause swelling

Some insects’ stings causes swelling and itchiness in the location of the sting. Such swellings will be too conspicuous and one can’t go about their activities without drawing the attention of the public. Visiting the emergency room will help treat the sting and reduce the swelling allowing you to continue with your daily life.

Some stings are venomous

Yes, if you are stung by a venomous spider, you can easily die if you don’t get immediate medical care. It therefore goes without say that you shouldn’t omit any sting or bite. Insect bites and stings are responsible for more than 1000 deaths annually in America. Don’t be part of that statistic.

Some stings will trigger allergic reactions

Some people have serious allergic reactions when stung or bitten by some insects. This reaction (anaphylaxis) is very serious and calls for urgent medical care in an emergency room. If you are allergic to any insect bite, ensure that you report the same immediately you are stung.

Report any skin rash or swollen itchy patch on your skin

Some insects sting painlessly but will leave behind a painful skin rash or itchy patch on the skin. If you discover a skin rash or a swollen itchy patch on your skin therefore, do not hesitate to report the same to the nearest emergency room and get proper medication.

Administer first aid and report the bite to the nearest emergency room

Although it is advisable to administer first aid immediately after a sting using home remedies, the best or safest solution is to visit an emergency room and get the best possible medication. First aid is just meant to suppress the pain as you make your way to the emergency room.

OTC medication are not appropriate for every insect bite

As we mentioned above, some people suffer from allergic reactions when bitten by insects or when stung. Such people don’t respond to the OTC medication that people use to treat insect bites. You should try and get to the emergency room, talk to a physician, make him aware of your conditions and any allergic reactions and you will get the best possible medication for your condition.

Rashes are an entry way for infections

Some insect bites might not be painful or venomous but they will cause skin rashes and itchy skin. These rashes are entry ways for infections and bacterial attacks. As much as the original bite might not have been dangerous, the rash can leave you exposed to infections.

The symptoms accompanying some insect bites are limiting

Symptoms such as wheezing, difficulty in breathing, fast heart rat, confusion, dizziness and even dysphagia. All these symptoms are very life limiting and will prevent you from doing your daily activities as you might intend. The only solution is therefore to get medical care from an emergency room.

No wait emergency care

The beauty of reporting insect bites to emergency rooms is the fact that emergency rooms are always open 24hrs. Be it at night, early in the morning or in the afternoon, you will always get the medication you need to treat the insect bite.

Report your insect bites to Frontline Emergency Room today for instant reprieve

Want the best treatment for insect bites and stings in Richmond Texas? Well, give us a call today here at Frontline Emergency Room and we will gladly be of help to you. Frontline emergency room is a 24 hr no wait emergency room in Richmond that offers high quality emergency room care at very affordable rates.

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