10 Most Effective Ways to Fight Dry Skin in Winter

10 Most Effective Ways to Fight Dry Skin in Winter

Let’s face it, majority of the people don’t look forward to winter, what with the low temperatures and all, but there are a number of us that don’t look forward to winter more than most. This is because winter to them brings with uncomfortably dry skin, with the degree of the same varying from just a general dryness and tightness of the skin, to something much more unbearable than that, including flaking and cracking of the skin and even eczema. The later can be quite uncomfortable as it brings about an inflammation of the skin. The challenge during winter then is how one can be able to keep their skin moist, smooth and healthy during winter. The good news is that this article will look to help you do just that as it will look to highlight 10 effective ways through which one can be able to avoid dry skin during winter.

During winter, people tend to spend more time indoors with the heater running which can lead to dry skin. To counter this, consider running a humidifier. Placing several smaller ones throughout your house, especially the most commonly used areas like the living room and bedroom is highly recommended by the folks over at frontlineer.com. It is also recommended to set your humidifiers around 60%, and keep one running in the bedroom through the night as you sleep.

Another effective strategy to employ during winter that should help you fight dry skin is ensuring you cover up when out in the cold. Putting protective clothing like gloves, has, scarves among others will help by shielding your skin from the effects of winter, which reduces significantly your skins ability to hold moisture.

It is also recommended, if you are to effectively fight dry skin, you long, hot baths and showers. The temptation during winter is to turn to hot showers and baths for warmth, but this is actually harmful to your skin as the hot water strips away surface oils from your skin depleting its lipid layer. The folks at frontlineer.com recommend showering with lukewarm or warm water at most, and restricting shower time to not more than ten minutes. Using sponges and scrubbing brushes should also be avoided, while it is also recommended you pat, rather that rub your skin dry with a towel after showering.

Skincare products with harsh active ingredients should also be used frugally if not avoided altogether. This includes limiting the use of acne meds as well as anti-aging serums as well as swapping perfumed soaps or those which contain alcohol with soap-free cleansing products like Aquanil which also contain added moisturizer. 

Another effective way through which you can be able to effectively fight dry skin, as recommended on frontlineer.com, is regularly moisturizing. Switching from a water-based moisturizer to an oil-based one during winter is the trick here. You should also look for moisturizers which contain ammonium lactate or lactic acid as ingredients as these help in sealing moisture within the skin. The oil-based moisturizers should also be of the non-clogging type like avocado oil, almond oil, primrose oil among others and not the clogging type like Shea oil, which clog facial pores.

It is also recommended that you avoid woolen clothing if you are to effectively fight dry skin during winter. This is because wool is a scratchy fiber that will only serve to aggravate dry sensitive skin and hence cause itchiness. It is therefore recommended that you switch to softer, smoother fabrics such as cotton that will allow your skin to breathe.

Even though you are unlikely to be as thirsty during winter as compared to the hot days of the summer, as we have seen earlier, our skin still loses as much water through the skin, if not more during the winter. This can cause one to become dehydrated without knowing and leading to dry skin. This is why the folks over at frontlineer.com recommend that you drink regularly, even if you are not feeling thirsty. Avoiding drinks that dehydrate you like caffeinated drinks is also recommended.

Another trick that may sound strange but is actually quite effective when looking to fight dry skin in winter is applying sunscreen. If you plan on going outside, snow glare and the winter sun can be quite damaging to your skin. It is therefore recommended you apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen to your face and any other exposed part of your body before going outside.

Having already talked about avoiding products with harsh active ingredients, stocking on those with the right active ingredients is another effective strategy to fight dry skin. This includes getting skin products with ceramides which help retain moisture in the skin by creating a strong shield, among others.

Also ensure that you apply rich skins to your body skin. This thick creams are recommended as they help your skin no end in retaining moisture. This is why while Shea oil and butter may not be ideal for your face, it is quite useful as far as your body skin goes.

Hopefully with the above tips, you will be able to effectively fight dry skin in winter, with more on the same and more to be found over at frontlineer.com.


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