10 benefits of drinking coffee

10 benefits of drinking coffee 

Coffee stands as one of the most consumed beverages in the world today with many attributing their vibrant capacity to the powerful elements therein. Documented reviews about the intake of coffee by renowned platforms including frontlineer.com speak to coffee having numerous health benefits for consumers. An in-depth look reveals in excess of 10 core health benefits of drinking coffee. 

Raises metabolism thereby bettering physical performance 

When you drink coffee, you place yourself at an advanced position in terms of being able to burn fat faster to positively impact weight loss. In retrospect, this gives you an edge when it comes to athletic activity since your body gets to have the energy it needs for vigorous activity. In addition to that, your body is also able to enhance performance and endurance during exercise which is a plus for fitness enthusiasts. 

Lower risk of type 2 Diabetes 

One of the amazing benefits you will experience by drinking coffee is the lowering of the risk of type 2 diabetes. Taking coffee religiously means you will have a 22% lower risk of type 2 diabetes. In a further scrutiny of the advantages, the researches done indicate that the risk of type 2 diabetes decrease by 9% with every cup of coffee taken daily.  

Boosts short-term memory

As captured by frontlineer.com, you can easily boost your short-term memory by taking coffee. It has been identified that 150mgs of caffeine taken in by the body results in a surge in brain activity. It is this surge that results in enhanced concentration and memory boost. Neurologists note that coffee affects the areas of the brain responsible for memory and concentration which explains the resulting benefit.  

Reduce colorectal cancer risk 

What many don’t know about coffee is that even with moderate intake, the benefits are still notable and outstanding at that. In this case, a moderate intake of coffee reduces risk of colorectal cancer by 26%. In a world where cancers are rampant and fast becoming major life-threatening conditions, it is a welcome idea that the usual action of taking coffee can aid your body fight the risks of colorectal cancer.   

Decreased risk of gout 

A study of the health habits of close to 90,000 female nurses over the course of a 26-year research found that long term coffee consumption reduced the risk of gout. This is by far one of the great wins that coffee has demonstrated. Taking up to 4 cups of coffee daily has been identified as resulting in a 57% reduced risk of developing gout. In this particular case, coffee becomes responsible for decreasing insulin which in turn lowers uric acid levels in the body system.  

Source of antioxidants 

With frontlineer.com being instrumental in researching coffee and its  benefits; the completed reviews have identified that coffee beans are a natural source of manganese, potassium, magnesium and vitamins B2, B3, B5 just to mention a few. Compared to cocoa and tea, coffee has powerful antioxidants that aid the body in the expulsion of toxins. Coffee beans have in excess of 1000 antioxidants that are hugely important when it comes to fighting inflammations and eliminating the underlying causes of chronic ailments. 

Prevents retinal damage 

It is clear that most individuals have discounted coffee without a background as to the core benefits of the same. A surprise element is that coffee actually prevents retinal damage. The research for this discovery was done at Cornell University and it confirmed that coffee prevents retinal damage brought about by oxidative stress.  

Prevents cognitive decline

Aging gracefully is a cliché statement most individuals use when they envision a situation where maturity in age doesn’t mean a decline in mental and physical capabilities. According to frontlineer.com, this aspect can be a reality if you drink coffee regularly. Coffee helps your body avoid cognitive decline and in the same wavelength ensure that you stand a 65% reduced risk of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease.  

Cleanses the stomach 

What many don’t know about coffee is that it is a diuretic beverage. This means that it makes you want to urinate often and this is massively beneficial as it cleanses the system. Black coffee without sugar ensures that toxins and bacteria in the body system are expelled as part of urine and in this, your body is cleansed.  

Beneficial for the liver 

This is by far one of the most important benefits you can look forward to when drinking coffee. Black coffee is very beneficial to the liver as it prevents fatty liver diseases. In addition to that, black coffee plays a role in preventing hepatitis and alcoholic cirrhosis. It has been captured by frontlineer.com and several authoritative platforms that drinking 4 or more cups of coffee a day gives you the chance to lower the risk of liver diseases by up to 80% which is a discovery that highlights the benefit coffee has. 


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