Why Visit an Emergency Room? Pediatric Conditions

Why Visit an Emergency Room? Pediatric Conditions

Something that is always said, and one that is true, is that medical emergencies can’t be predicted, which means an emergency may or may not be just around the corner. While we all want our children to be safe and enjoy good health, this is always the case as at one time or another they fall foul of health. Parents are usually very protective of their children and as such any little medical issue is usually treated as an emergency. This is why numbers have shown that the cases of children ending up in emergency rooms for what turn out not to be emergencies are on the rise. On the flip side, children, especially those at an age where they are able to go and play out and about, are more prone to suffering accidents that prompt a visit to an emergency room. It is therefore important to know which pediatric conditions are medical emergencies and as such should be treated at an emergency room and which are not. For those that are indeed medical emergencies, the question that arises is why should one visit an emergency room for them? Well, this article will look to have that question answered by looking at it from two angles; the first being the consequences of not doing so hence why you should and the second being why they are best placed to deal with such cases.

One of the main pediatric condition that have parents taking children to the emergency room are infection related cases, mostly due to viruses such as flu, fever as well as other sickness related conditions such as meningitis among others. Fever is probably one of the biggest reason for emergency room visits as far as pediatric conditions go. As is covered over at frontlineer.com, the consequences of not having high fever in children get attended to include the risk of the child suffering seizures. The fever may also be due to an infection and failure to have it assessed may prevent the infection from being diagnosed and treated, potentially making it worse, making this reason enough to visit an emergency room for pediatric conditions. Another very common pediatric condition that leads to emergency room visits is the one related with breathing problems such as cases of asthma, bronchiolitis as well as pneumonia. All these conditions are very serious and if a child has a serious attack and is not taken to an emergency room they could suffer lung damage with severe cases being life-threatening, another reason why you should visit an emergency room for pediatric conditions.

Another pediatric condition that leads to children heading over to an emergency room has to do with injuries and accidents. This can be from falls and playing related accidents such as those from bicycles, skateboards among others. These accidents can cause serious injuries such as severe cuts and gashes, sprains and strains as well as broken bones. As is covered in detail by the subject matter experts over at frontlineer.com, these sort of injuries need to be handled at an emergency room as soon as possible. This is because, if one chooses not to, then they risk getting the wound infected, or even losing a limb. These accidents, especially those with broken bones, are extremely painful, and if not attended to at an emergency room, the child is likely to go into shock. Skin related problems are also quite common among children and should be treated at an emergency room as soon as possible. These include burns, infections or even allergic reactions. In cases of severe burns, if the child is not taken to an emergency room for treatment, then the situation could become life-threatening very quickly, there is also a very high risk of infection and consequently, sepsis. Allergic reactions can also develop to anaphylaxis, which is also life-threatening, making this another reason to visit an emergency room for pediatric conditions.

Children also suffer lots of gastrointestinal symptoms such as abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea, which should all be addressed at an emergency room for severe cases. This is because, for cases of severe diarrhea and vomiting, it could lead to dehydration, as is covered over at frontlineer.com, which can potentially be life-threatening. Traumatic brain injuries such as concussions are also common in children, especially due to sports related accidents, and failure to take them to an emergency room for a case that warrants a visit could prove fatal. To avoid this, it is better that they visit an emergency room for pediatric conditions. Another reason to visit an emergency room for pediatric condition emergencies is because they offer comprehensive, round-the-clock care. They have all the necessary facilities for diagnosis and treatment of all of these conditions, as well as rooms for admission for cases that need to be monitored.

From the above discussion, it is clear why one should visit an emergency room for pediatric conditions, especially since the health of our children is paramount and we don’t want them suffering any of the above consequences. As usual, there is more to be found on this and other related topics by heading over to frontlineer.com.


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