When to use urgent care

Are you wondering when it is that you should use the urgent care in America? Are you unsure of the times when the urgent care center is the best place to receive medical care in? Well, a lot has been said about the proficiency of urgent care centers in responding to medical emergencies and today we want to highlight some of the reasons why you should not hesitate to go to the nearest emergency room.

If you are suffering from any of the following complications, do not hesitate to report it to the nearest urgent care center and get the immediate medical care you require. Here are some of the times when you need to use the urgent care centers;

When to use urgent care

Chest pains

Chest pains are indicative of serious underlying problems. A feeling of tightening in the chest or an acute chest pain can be indicative of a heart problem and should prompt you to visit the nearest urgent care center for immediate checkup. Treat chest pains with urgency and stay safe than sorry.

Cuts and bruises

Never overlook a cut or a bruise on your skin, however small it might seem. Wounds resulting from small cuts and bruises can lead to major infections like tetanus. It is imperative therefore to go to the nearest urgent care center and get a tetanus immunization shot.

Skin rashes and infections

Skin rashes and abnormal reactions should prompt you to go to the urgent care center as soon as you can. Skin rashes are indicative of allergies and infections to major internal organs like the liver. Such infections are very uncomfortable as well and the suffering is not worth it at all.

Concussions and trauma

Trauma and concussions from accidents account for very many visits to urgent care centers and emergency rooms. Trauma and concussions need to be reported as soon as possible because of potential injuries to the brain and other major internal organs.

Difficulties breathing

Just like chest pains, difficulties breathing are indicative of serious problems. They may be indicative of respiratory problems, heart attacks and other serious complications that need immediate addressing. Do not hesitate therefore to report the same to the nearest urgent care center and get appropriate medical care.

Asthma attacks

It goes without saying that asthma attacks are capable of ending one’s life. They therefore should be treated with seriousness. The moment one starts experiencing difficulties breathing, the nearest urgent care center should be the next stop.


Painful toothaches will affect the quality of life one lives. If you are experiencing a painful toothache and you dentist is not accessible at that moment, look no further than the next available urgent care center. You will be offered immediate treatment to calm the pain as you await your dentist to do something about the toothache.


Stomachaches can be as a result of food poisoning, injuries to internal organs, prolonged period pains or even an allergic reaction to a certain food. Stomachaches should be reported to the urgent care center as soon as possible because they are indicative of serious illnesses which can be fatal.


Diarrhea especially among small children should be reported urgently to the urgent care center. Excessive diarrhea can lead to dehydration and potential death within 24 hours. It is therefore imperative to report the same to urgent care center doctors as soon as possible for the best treatment.

Back pains

Unexplained back pains should be a major worry and need to be reported as soon as possible. Such pains are most of the time ignored by most people because they think that the pains will subside in a few days. Back pains are a symptom associated with a lot of complications which left untreated can be fatal.


Severe headaches and throbbing migraines require medical attention as soon as possible. Headaches are invasive and will come in the way of normal life. To get them treated, visit the nearest urgent care center and get full diagnosis and proper medication.

Unexplained vomiting

If you are suffering from unexplained vomiting accompanied by either diarrhea or nausea you need to report the same to the nearest urgent care center. Unexplained vomiting and nausea could be indicative of a serious digestive disorder, food poisoning or even an impending migraine. Report it as soon as possible for the best healthcare in an urgent care center.

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